Deceased Father Alive. Dreams Of Father’s Death. Spiritual Meaning And Symbolism.

Why can one dream that his dad died? Death in a dream promises him a long life and well-being in reality. However, the dream book advises to treat the interpretation of this vision with all care.

The interpretation of a dream must begin with the main character. A father in a dream symbolizes strength, protection, will, patronage and power. If he died, the dream book claims that in real life you will lose all of this, or at least you will feel the fragility of your position.

Seeing how your parent died means that there will be tremendous changes in life. The interpreter Miller states that the death of a parent in a dream marks difficulties in business and a general discouragement.

Did you dream that dad died, and mom died after him as well? Dream interpretation believes that you do not intend to adhere to parental prohibitions and reject their advice with all your might. If your father and mother died in a dream, then at the right moment you will not receive help or support. Dream Interpretation warns that it means that luck will temporarily turn away from you.

If you were told that your father died, dream interpretation believes this to be a sure sign that the old conflict with a relative will be resolved safely and past grievances will be forgotten.

If you dreamed that someone told you about death of your elderly father, this means that prosperity and profit are guaranteed to you. If you were told about a terrible tragedy, then in real life you will find lost valuable thing or get a big win.

How can you find out that a dead person became your Guardian Angel?

What is the meaning of a dream about father’s funeral? If a sad event takes place on a sunny and clear day, then it promises good health and a great celebration, perhaps it will be a wedding.

To see funeral during the rain or in gloomy weather - to the decline of affairs, bad news and illnesses. If you met a lot of relatives and friends at the cemetery, dream interpretation believes that marriage will bring wealth, although it will not be a marriage of convenience in its purest form.

From the point of view of esotericism, the funeral of the deceased father symbolizes your personal rebirth. This means that a certain stage of life has ended, and you have freed yourself from the past, or have abandoned old habits and thinking. Dream interpretation is sure that such a tragic event in a dream promises well-being and prosperity in the real world.

    The dreambooks also consider your own actions in such dream:
  • You personally saw father’s death – wealth;
  • Finding out from others – some urgent news;
  • Crying loudly – short-lasting happiness;
  • Grieving quietly – a period of luck and success;
  • Accepting condolences – celebration;
  • Walking after the coffin – wedding.

Death of your father from disease symbolizes rebirth and enlightenment. If you had to kill your father, then you need to fulfill your duty to your parents. Did you dream that he was killed? You both have the same number of years of life.

If your friend’s father died in a dream, for you it is a symbol of peaceful existence away from the hustle and crazy intrigues. If you were present at the death of your friend's father in a dream, then the unpromising business will result in unprecedented success and profit.

In most cases, the deceased parent warns of some important events that should happen soon, and the luck of this event depends directly on the mood of your late father in a dream. Remember what he was wearing, how he behaved, what he said, and you will understand what awaits you soon.

Miller's dream book promises those who saw their deceased father alive in a dream that very soon, an event will happen in your life that you have been waiting for. If you dreamed that he was smiling, it means that you will be completely satisfied with the result - everything will happen exactly as you wanted.

Hugging your dead dad in a dream is a sign that you can start a new business without fear. And if you dreamed that he was hugging you, this means you should complete everything that you started but have not finished.

Was the dead dad the groom at the wedding in a dream? This is a sign that you should not accept the courtship of a new beau.

And if in a dream your father who passed away was sleeping or sick, this is a sign that you should be quiet for a while and not draw attention to yourself.

Problems and troubles are foreshadowed by a plot in which you see the late father alive and crying. The Eastern dream book, explaining why the daughter has a dream in which her deceased dad is crying, assures that it means an unsuccessful love relationship.

The Slavic dream book recommends remembering the deceased, who comes to dreams of a daughter or son very often. If you see any item or food in your dead father’s hands, according to the beliefs, you should buy it and treat those who knew the deceased - this will be, in a way, a pay off out of trouble, the dream book assures.

What does it mean if you dream that your deceased dad was lying in the coffin and suddenly came to life, and now he sits, cries and asks for food? It is likely that in the near future the forgotten problem will "resurrect", which will make you worry and fork out.

Dream books give completely different interpretations, explaining why the late father is seen alive and cheerful in a dream. So, according to the English Dream Book, to see a deceased daddy come to life in a dream and give you money, taking it out of his pockets is a sign that you should invest your money in some business - it will turn out to be very profitable.

The Gypsy dream book explains a dream why a daughter dreams of her daddy who passed in reality who puts a pink blouse to her bedside. Such a plot suggests that a girl should not be afraid to offer her ideas for a business plan, because they will turn out to be very valuable.

Do you constantly dream about how your late father gives you money for some project? Take note of what he said to you at the same time - this may be a hint of what exactly you should do to improve your financial situation.

Have you dreamed of your late father drunk? According to the dream books, such a vision predicts illness and ill health. It is especially bad if such a plot is seen up to forty days after the death of the parent.

If you dreamed that your dad was not just drunk, but also naked, this is a sign that you can catch an STD. You should not change sexual partners too often, and also put your moral character in order, dream books recommend.

Explaining why a sick person dreams of his deceased parent who ate candy himself or gave chocolate to you, interpreters hint at the need to treat your teeth in a timely manner, otherwise you will not be able to avoid toothache.

If you dreamed that the deceased father was kissing you on the forehead, this is a signal that a successful period is approaching, when everything will turn out according to your desire. Do you see in a dream how your father laughs, dances, plays the button accordion? This means you will be lucky in the creative field; you should do something for the soul.

Why do you dream that the dead father helps you with something or tells you how to do the right thing in an incomprehensible situation? This means that someone from your environment with richer life or work experience will help you achieve your goal.

The late father, who often comes to your dreams after his death, is a kind of clue of what needs to be done to stay “afloat”. It is especially good if in a dream he opens the door in front of you - this is a sign of the parent's invisible support in the image of the Guardian Angel, the dream books say.

Your close friends and relatives will support you in any business - the dream books delight you with the interpretation explaining what it means when the deceased father is giving you something in a dream.

Did you dream that your daddy was giving you weapon? This dream means your associates will "stand" behind you, not allowing competitors to defeat you. It is also good if your dead father caught a fish for you in a dream - plans are realized just in time, thanks to friends.

Did the late father build a house in a dream? You will be invited to visit, and, thanks to this visit, you will be able to "reboot", throwing off all the negativity from yourself.

Did you dream that the dead dad set the table? This means someone will help you solve problems by borrowing money. And if you sat with him at a table in a cemetery in a dream, this means help will come from where you do not even expect it.

If you dreamed that the late father bought a gun, this is a sign that you should not enter into any disputes and conflicts, the dream books suggest.

Interpreting what the plot is about in which the evil dad swears or drives you and your mother out of the house, the dream books assure: this is a signal that you are not ready to defend your point of view, so it is better to give up such attempts. But swearing in a dream not only with your departed father, but also with your mother is a sign of your indecision.

Are you trying to understand why you dream that your dead father is choking you? This is a hint: if you don’t learn to defend your opinion, you will be “strangled” by your competitors.

Watching a quarrel between your dead father and the representative of the law in a dream is a sign of problems with the authorities; you should refrain from violating public order, the Modern Dream Book advises.

A dream in which the deceased father is digging the ground under the windows of your house speaks of possible misunderstandings in the family. Did you dream of a deceased parent lying in bed with his children, but without you? Dream books suggest that you should devote more time to your family members; otherwise you will lose your emotional connection with them.

In a dream, did your father who is dead in reality stroke your head? This is a symbol that you lack moral support. The same meaning has a dream, in which the daughter hugged her daddy, and at the same time he kissed her on the forehead.

Did the deceased father wash the walls of the apartment from dirt in a dream? This dream symbolizes that peace and harmony will be restored in the family. And if there was blood on the walls, the spiritual meaning of such image is reconciliation with one of the relatives.

What does it mean if a pregnant young woman dreamed that her late father brought a baby, but at the same time took the baby stroller bought by a dreamer in reality? Do not buy things for an unborn child, interpreters suggest.

And if in a dream your dead father beats you for some kind of disobedience, as it was in childhood, this is a hint that you have no contact with your own child. You should establish it so as not to miss the moment of growing up of your child.

You will receive a lot of information in the near future if you saw in a dream how the deceased father made phone calls. If during the call he greeted someone and had a nice conversation, then the news will be good. And if he asks for forgiveness or yells at the interlocutor, then the news will not please you very much.

Unexpected visits from distant relatives or news about them are prophesied by a dream in which your late dad knocks on the window. And if in a dream he feeds an old dog, this means a meeting with a childhood friend is possible.

Do you see a dream about your deceased parent driving? Some news will force you to hit the road. And when decrypting what it means when the late father is walking away from you without looking back, the dream books recommend not accepting any invitations.

When interpreting what the deceased father symbolizes in dreams, do not bypass the interpretation of someone else's or non-biological late parent, and also pay attention to what he did in a dream.

    So, if you dreamed that:
  • the boyfriend's late dad asks for money – the boyfriend is not completely frank with you;
  • the sleeping deceased parent of your girlfriend fell from the bed – this means unexpected troubles;
  • the late godfather washed in the water from the swamp – someone spreads gossip about your family;
  • a sick stepfather recovers in a dream – means the successful completion of a difficult endeavor.
Sergii Haranenko
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