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Fig Dream Meaning

Figs in a dream are a symbol of fertility, and the image of fig leaves on ancient sculptures covering the male genitalia, became a kind of sign of sexuality over time.

The Islamic dreambook binds the interpretation of a dream about a fig tree with heavenly and forbidden pleasures. If a girl or woman dreams that she eats figs, this means that the dreamer is at risk of succumbing to temptation, which she may regret.

If a woman sees fruits on a fig tree, such plot predicts a long-awaited pregnancy and successful delivery.

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A young girl who dreamed of a blossoming fig tree can expect a coming marriage proposal, followed by marriage. Tearing figs directly from the tree and eating them is a symbol of success in heart matters.

English dreambook considers that eating sweet ripe figs is a symbol of generous fate gift that will help the dreamer gain certain independence.

According to the Eastern interpreter, eating figs in a dream is a sign of material and financial prosperity of the dreamer, excellent health and well-being.

Miller considers that image of eating figs in a dream a sign of feverish haste that briefly capture the dreamer. The same plot promises a rich and generous admirer for a young woman.

Seeing another person eating figs in a dream is a warning about relative’s illness; you will have to visit him in the hospital.

Buying or selling figs foreshadow a profit that the dreamer did not expect. This dream also predicts the fulfillment of the dreamer’s heart desires.

The Gypsy’s dreambook associates the image of figs hanging on a tree with a meeting with a foreigner that will be useful for you or your business. Buying figs means to make a good deal in reality; eating it means to acquire new knowledge or skills.

To dream of dry figs foreshadows sadness, loss of property because of your rash actions.

If you bought dry figs in a dream, there is a chance to commit an obscene or unseemly act, which you will regret and repent for a long time.

Sergii Haranenko

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