Frozen Pregnancy Dream Meaning

What does a “silent pregnancy” mean in a dream? What does it mean if the fetus was frozen in a dream? This means you feel the need for loneliness in reality. Fatigue from the eternal bustle will grow into a desire to leave the city. You should temporarily stop communication even with the closest people. Take a break, take it easy on yourself. At the time of returning home, many problems will seem completely silly to you.

Also, a dream of a dead pregnancy can represent a reset in a relationship. To avoid a crisis, discuss with your significant other the moments that worry you.

A so-called “missed abortion” may also symbolize betrayal on the part of your friends. Some dreambooks think that such a dream may predict financial welfare.

The meaning of a dream about a frozen pregnancy depends on the plot details. If your friend had a frozen pregnancy in a dream, this image predicts problems at work; if you had a dead pregnancy in a dream, this is a sign of sad events.

    Dream meanings depending on who dreamed of a frozen pregnancy:
  • unmarried girl - a robbery in the house;
  • not a pregnant woman - receiving bad news;
  • a man dreams of a dead pregnancy - treason on the part of his beloved.
    What are the Top-5 negative frozen pregnancy dream meanings?
  • A frozen long-awaited pregnancy in dreams predicts a period of troubles and losses.
  • Early pregnancy turned to be frozen - a serious illness.
  • Dead pregnancy with twins - self-doubt.
  • Being upset because of a missed abortion is a sign of vain expectation.
  • Reporting a dead pregnancy is a sign of loneliness.
    Here are the Top-5 positive meanings of dreaming of frozen pregnancy:
  • A frozen late-term pregnancy may mean income increase.
  • Dead pregnancy on early terms - means getting rid of a bad habit.
  • Seeing that the mother’s pregnancy has stopped means feeling good.
  • Sister’s pregnancy became “silent” - the emergence of a new friend.
  • The deceased person has a frozen pregnancy - the implementation of a creative idea.

According to Miller, such a dream predicts disappointment in a loved one.

    Additional interpretations of silent pregnancy in dreams by Miller:
  • the first pregnancy frozen in dreams speaks of conflicts;
  • repeated pregnancy is dead in a dream - means changing priorities;
  • unwanted pregnancy frozen - an unpleasant meeting;
  • frozen pregnancy in his loved one (for a man) - the appearance of a rival.

According to Freud's dream book, such a dream promises a protracted depression.

Frozen pregnancy and miscarriage in a dream speak of a lucky coincidence; dead pregnancy and abortion - a useful acquaintance.

According to Vanga's dream book, such a dream symbolizes fear of responsibility.

Sergii Haranenko
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