Miscarriage Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of miscarriage seen in a dream? A dream in which a miscarriage occurred or a dead child was born is not necessarily a foreshadowing of a fatal event. Such a dream can mean, for example, a judicial error which you will have to Sort out.

For a woman who is not pregnant, to see a miscarriage in a dream, means getting rid of excessive troubles. The troubles that haunted you will be resolved safely by themselves.

What it means if you saw someone else having miscarriage in a dream? If another person has miscarriage in a dream and you observe this process: in real life, trouble will happen to someone from people close to you, with which you will not be able to help, no matter how hard you try.

A miscarriage for a future father who dreams of having a dead child means that he is afraid not only of his imminent birth, but also of the hassle associated with taking care of the baby. Perhaps you are not yet ready to ensure that you have to provide for your family, deprive yourself of a certain freedom and give up all efforts to care for the baby.

As the Classic dream book explains, a miscarriage for a pregnant woman is, above all, the fear of losing a baby. Pay special attention to your health. Take another visit to the doctor to make sure that everything is in order.

For a woman who already has children, a miscarriage means that someone from her offspring will cause serious trouble in reality. Be more attentive to your children, perhaps you are spending little time with them.

A miscarriage can mean a quarrel with her partner for a young woman. Most likely your partner is far from the person with whom you are destined to relate your fate.

Psychological dream book treats a miscarriage as an explanation of internal fears for your lives and health. Do not wait, consult a doctor, perhaps your dream warns of serious problems in the body.

Esoteric dream book interprets the birth of a dead child as a symbol of the unsuccessful or unexpected completion of carefully planned activities.

According to Miller, to dream of a miscarriage in a woman, or in any female ( dog, cat) means that in reality you will get a stab in the back from a very close person. In relation to you, there has been, or will be admitted, a tremendous injustice.

A Modern dream book interprets a miscarriage seen in a dream as a symbol of great loss. Be very careful in your endeavors - perhaps they will not come true. Do not lend money - it is unlikely to be returned. Wait a while to get loans: something will go wrong and you will not be able to pay back.

Freud's dream interpretation treats miscarriage as a desire to get rid of an unbearable burden. A miscarriage may also mean losing business reputation due to unsuccessful negotiations with competitors.

The dreambooks give a number of brief meanings of miscarriage seen in a dream depending on the plot details.

    Depending on how exactly you saw miscarriage in a dream:
  • your own pregnancy, and then a miscarriage – means deceit from a colleague;
  • abortion – is a sign of bad mood;
  • fear of miscarriage in a dream – means worries about the illness of a loved one;
  • the miscarriage is alive – brings trouble at work;
  • there was a miscarriage without blood and pain – symbolizes a nervous breakdown;
  • miscarriage and a lot of blood in a dream – predicts a quarrel with relatives;
  • the threat of miscarriage – promises getting to know powerful people;
  • if it was supposed to be a child from your ex – this is a sign of stability and independence;
  • miscarriage at childbirth – carrying out intense and low-paid work;
  • miscarriage during sex – suspicion of treason of your loved one.
    Depending on who dreams about miscarriage:
  • a pregnant girl in advanced state – symbol of working on a promising project;
  • a pregnant woman on early stages – symbol of loneliness;
  • a husband sees his wife’s miscarriage – predicts a loss of a valuable thing;
  • a man dreams about miscarriage - means joy and having fun;
  • if miscarriage is seen by a girl who never gave birth – means exacerbation of a chronic disease;
  • a guy had such a dream – represents feeling of guilt for a committed act.
    Depending on who was supposed to be born in a dream about miscarriage:
  • twins – means overcoming material difficulties;
  • two babies – brings a temporary separation from a loved one;
  • a girl – replenishment in the family;
  • a boy – means a change in social circle;
  • if you had to give birth to fish – represents your friends' problems;
  • triplets – means commiting a bad deed.
    Depending on where the miscarriage occurred in a dream:
  • in the bathroom – brings tears;
  • in the water – predicts arrival of a distant relative;
  • in the toilet – sign of food poisoning;
  • at home – means misunderstanding with family members.
    Depending on who had miscarriage in a dream:
  • your wife had miscarriage – means a quarrel with a partner;
  • a friend – an accident;
  • miscarriage at your mother – gossip from colleagues;
  • sister had miscarriage in a dream – sign of depression;
  • dreaming abut your own miscarriage – self-realization;
  • miscarriage at your aunt’s – means well-being;
  • your granddaughter – receiving an important message;
  • miscarriage at your daughter – means misfortune;
  • your in-law – bad luck;
  • in a cat – good mood in the coming days;
  • a young relative – a passionate romance.

If you often dream about miscarriage, this is a sign that you are tired from work and this plot brings troubles. The dream in which the contractions began and a miscarriage has occurred can promise deterioration in relations with others. A miscarriage with menstruation is a dream of cooling of the feelings for a loved one.

The dream of an incomplete or failed miscarriage promises disappointment in a friend due to deception on his part. If it was a dream that your beloved had a miscarriage, but the baby remained alive, this means fulfillment of a cherished desire and a joyful event in the family.

According to Akulina, a dream in which a stranger has a miscarriage can mean a desire to take a leadership position. To see in a dream how a woman had a miscarriage after a blow at her stomach — predicts advancing on the career ladder;

    Top-3 negative meanings of a dream about miscarriage:
  • If you dreamed that your sister had a miscarriage, this would lead to a demotion or a decrease in wages.
  • At your girlfriend’s – predicts bad news.
  • A miscarriage with pain and blood in a dream predicts a dispute with an aggressive person.
    Top-2 positive meanings of miscarriage in a dream:
  • A dream in which a miscarriage occurred in a pool may portend success.
  • In the hospital – fun pastime and the beginning of a profitable business.
Sergii Haranenko
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