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Interpretation of a dream about abortion

Having a dream about an abortion may mean quite an opposite event in real life: becoming pregnant and giving birth to a child.

Allegorically such radical and irreparable step in a dream may mean tending to make hasty decisions that can have unpredictable consequences.

Abortion in a dream can justify that a woman already has uneasy environment and is nervous about something.

In majority of cases usually women see these dreams, but it may sometimes occur that men meet abortion in their dreams. This means they should be more attentive to their beloved. There are examples when such dreams warned men that their wives were in danger or had a serious problem.

Young girl can see such a dream if she intends to open her heart to a man she dreams about. Dreambooks advise not to hurry with this because the chance to hear that this is mutual is very low.

Sometimes this unpleasant dream can warn about necessity to have medical examination and taking care of your health.

Miller’s dreambook says that abortion in a dream can be seen on the eve of an important event and shows that the person is afraid to make a mistake he/she will be responsible of.

Miller’s dreambook shows that dreaming about abortion is very often about choosing between good and bad, well and evil. For a surgeon abortion in a dream symbolizes choice between professional debt and reasons to neglect it.

Seeing abortion in a dream may also symbolize ruining of hopes, depression and despair. Dreambooks advise to accentuate on positive emotions and remember to compliment oneself for even smallest accomplishments.