Abortion Dream Meaning

Abortion means the termination of a pregnancy before the actual due date. Unlike, for example, a miscarriage, a pregnant woman usually consciously makes an abortion of the embryo. This topic is often discussed in our society. Therefore, it is not surprising that abortion can appear in our dreams.

What is the meaning of a dream about abortion? Having a dream about an abortion may mean quite an opposite event in real life: becoming pregnant and giving birth to a child.

What is the abortion dream meaning? Allegorically such radical and irreparable step in a dream may mean tending to make hasty decisions that can have unpredictable consequences. Dream of having an abortion also warns about failed plans and vain expectations. Besides that dreams about abortion may indicate your wish to restore relations with your ex partner.

Abortion in a dream can justify that a woman already has uneasy environment and is nervous about something.

The abortion clinic is generally understood as a reminder: in the near future, the dreamer should pay more attention to his health. At the same time, a gynecological examination in the clinic indicates the healing of mental problems that may have arisen as a result of separation.

In majority of cases usually women see these dreams, but it may sometimes occur that men meet abortion in their dreams. This means they should be more attentive to their beloved. There are examples when such dreams warned men that their wives were in danger or had a serious problem.

Young girl can see such a dream if she intends to open her heart to a man she dreams about. Dreambooks advise not to hurry with this because the chance to hear that this is mutual is very low.

Sometimes this unpleasant dream can warn about necessity to have medical examination and taking care of your health.

Miller’s dreambook says that abortion in a dream can be seen on the eve of an important event and shows that the person is afraid to make a mistake he/she will be responsible of.

Miller’s dreambook shows that dreaming about abortion is very often about choosing between good and bad, well and evil. For a surgeon abortion in a dream symbolizes choice between professional debt and reasons to neglect it.

Seeing abortion in a dream may also symbolize ruining of hopes, depression and despair. Dreambooks advise to accentuate on positive emotions and remember to compliment oneself for even smallest accomplishments.

What does it mean if I am dreaming of abortion when I am not pregnant?

One possible interpretation of dreaming about abortion, even if you are not pregnant in waking life, is that it may represent a fear of loss or a sense of anxiety about letting go of something important in your life. This could be a relationship, a job, a project, or a goal that you have been working on.

Another possible explanation is that the dream may reflect a need for you to confront a difficult decision or situation in your waking life. The act of aborting or terminating something in the dream may symbolize a need to make a difficult choice or to take action to end a situation that does not satisfy you.

It's also possible that the dream may not have any specific meaning and is simply a reflection of your thoughts and feelings at the time of sleeping. Dreams can be influenced by many factors, including your daily experiences, emotions, and stress levels.

Abortion dream meaning for a pregnant woman.

Dreams about abortion can be particularly unsettling for a pregnant woman, as they may evoke strong emotions and anxiety. However, it's important to remember that dreams are a product of the subconscious mind and often represent symbolic or metaphorical meanings.

The possible explanation of dreaming about abortion while pregnant is that it may represent a fear of losing control or a sense of anxiety about the changes that pregnancy and motherhood will bring. The dream may be signaling that you are struggling to reconcile your desire to become a mother with your fear of the unknown and the potential challenges that lie ahead.

Pregnancy termination for a pregnant woman may reflect a need for you to confront a difficult decision or situation related to your pregnancy.

Interpretation of dreams about abortion by Intimate dreambook

Quite unpleasant events are happening in your life now: some important matter fails at the most inopportune moment. The global plan, on the implementation of which you worked, did not receive its implementation for reasons beyond your control. Troubles come to you, as always, unexpectedly and knock you down from your usual working rhythm. Stability gives way to a wide variety of changes, which will be difficult to cope with, but it is in your power.

Termination of pregnancy in a dream can be a sign of conflicts with relatives and friends that were caused by your irritability; you take too much close to you heart and even think about a complete breakdown. You should be more relaxed about the inconvenience that others are causing you; you should not squander your negative energy on them, even if you do not like some people. Abortion seen in a dream means you should focus on concentrating positive emotions. This will help you overcome the tension in the relationship.

Meaning of abortion in a dream by American dream interpreters

An abortion seen in a dream can symbolize the loss of a new potential that was supposed to appear in your life.

Perhaps a project or an idea was brewing that you could not bring to life either because of a conscious decision that you made, or for reasons beyond your control.

Sometimes pregnancy termination can be spontaneous in a dream. Are you ready for sudden changes in your life or for unexpected changes in plans? You should know that you can guide your destiny.

Dreams about abortion may also mean fail of legal proceedings.

According to Esoteric dreambook, if you undergo an abortion in your dream, this is a symbol of your fear of negative consequences of the decisions you take. If you were a surgeon who performed an abortion in a dream, this is how your body indicates its fatigue.

The Newest dreambook indicates that you may be on the edge of committing a sin (it may be some criminal action as well) if you dreamed about abortion.

What it means to dream of abortion for a man? According to the English dreambook, if a man sees this unfortunate event in a dream, it means that his life partner is in trouble. In women's dreams, abortion serves as a warning: you should take care of your health, otherwise expect trouble.

Abortion dream meaning and symbolism

    The dreambooks give brief interpretation of abortions in dreams depending on plot details:
  • dream about your friend having an abortion - indicates the need to help her financially;
  • dreaming of having an abortion - may mean unexpected news;
  • going for an abortion in a dream - means uncertainty in the future;
  • wanting to have an abortion in a dream - shows your desire to change lifestyle;
  • unmarried girl dreams of abortion - problems in communicating with men;
  • abortion dream during pregnancy - means fear of childbirth;
  • a married woman dreaming about abortion - a serious conversation with your child;
  • a man dreams about abortion - sign of unrequited love.

What are the Top-5 negative abortion dream meanings?

  • Spontaneous abortion means disappointment in a loved one.
  • Clandestine abortions in a dream - is a symbol of a serious illness.
  • Interrupted pregnancy and an aborted baby - predict a period of loneliness.
  • Dream of abortion and a lot of blood - risk of getting injured.
  • Having an abortion without anesthesia is a sign of negative life changes.

Here are the Top-5 positive dreams of abortion.

  • Dreaming of the first abortion may mean an easy achievement of the goal.
  • Having a medical abortion (mifepristone) - means well-being improvement.
  • Termination of pregnancy at an early stage - indicates the possibility of avoiding danger.
  • If you dreamed that your mother had an abortion, this is a sign of fascinating journey.
  • Dream about your colleague having an abortion - indicates the emergence of new prospects at work.

Abortion dream meaning in Hinduism.

Regarding dreams about abortion, the interpretation may depend on the specific context and symbols that are present in the dream. For example, in some Hindu traditions, pregnancy and childbirth are seen as highly auspicious and are associated with the goddess Devi or Shakti, who represents feminine power and creativity. In this context, a dream about abortion may be seen as a negative or ominous sign, indicating a loss of power or potential.

In other traditions, the act of abortion may be seen as a necessary or legitimate choice in certain circumstances, such as when the mother's health or life is at risk. In this case, the dream may reflect the individual's own personal beliefs and values related to reproductive rights and choices.

Ultimately, the interpretation of a dream about abortion in Hinduism will depend on the individual's own cultural background, personal beliefs, and the specific details and symbols present in the dream.

Dreams about abortion in Islam.

Generally, in Islam, the act of aborting a pregnancy is considered to be a grave sin unless it is necessary to save the life of the mother.

In this context, a dream about abortion may be seen as a warning or reminder of the seriousness of this sin and the need to avoid it at all costs. The dream may also reflect the individual's own doubts or concerns about the morality of abortion, or his fear of facing punishment for engaging in such a sinful act.

However, it's important to note that the interpretation of dreams in Islam is not always straightforward, and may require consultation with a religious authority or spiritual guide who is knowledgeable about Islamic teachings and traditions.

Biblical meaning of abortion in dreams.

In Christianity, dreams are considered to be a product of the subconscious mind and are believed to hold important spiritual meanings and messages. The interpretation of a dream about abortion may depend on the person's own personal beliefs and values related to reproductive rights and choices.

One possible interpretation of a dream of pregnancy termination in Christianity is that it may represent a fear of losing something valuable or important in one's life, such as a relationship, a career, or a personal goal. The act of aborting in the dream may symbolize a sense of loss or regret, or a need to make a difficult choice that is causing stress or anxiety.

Another possible interpretation is that the dream may reflect the individual's own personal beliefs and values related to the sanctity of life and the moral implications of abortion. The dream may be a manifestation of the individual's own doubts or concerns about the morality of abortion, or his fear of facing punishment for engaging in such a controversial act.

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