Hail Dream Meaning

Hail in real life is not a very often nature phenomenon, maybe that is why the dreambooks give contradictory interpretation of this night image. According to English dreambook, seeing hail falling in a dream is a prediction of disappointments. Those who are in love will suffer from unanswered feelings, businessmen will have material losses, and farmers will have bad harvest. You will be disappointed even in your friends and dog.

If the general atmosphere of the dream was pleasant, the plot will bring you no harm. A Moon dreambook associates this precipitation with harmony and welfare; a Ukrainian one predicts good bread harvest. Some dreambooks consider that an ill person who sees a dream about hail should be expecting healing; others should not be worried about minor troubles. Seeing rain or hail together with thunder, this is a warning about serious problems. If there was hail in a sunny day or in the middle of warm summer in your dream, this dream means that the fate will play a joke on you, but luck will not leave you.

For those who were born from May to August, watching hail in a dream predicts welfare; people born from September to December will gain happiness in personal life; people born from January to April should be prepared for scandals that will end with sincere reconciliation. If you happened to be outside when there was hail, this usually doesn’t promise much luck. This can bring disappointment that will upset you for a long time and spoil your mood. You can also feel depression, solitude and feeling of being not needed.

Miller’s dreambook promises small pleasant occasions. Others predict sorrows and revealing of some secrets. Vanga warns you that if you got under hail in your dream, you should stay away from other people’s business. Eastern dream interpreters are being quite positive about getting under ice rain. They warn that not all your beginnings will end successfully; but if bad weather was coming to and end you could see the sun coming out, this is a symbol that happiness will change your problems and sorrows soon. If a young woman dreams that she got under hail, this plot promises her meeting the love of her life. Dr. Freud is warning about gossip and advises to sort out your intimate life.

If the person was hiding from falling hail in a dream, this reflects that he is afraid to make serious decisions and take responsibility in real life; the person who was gathering the fallen hails will get rich soon.

If you saw especially big hails, this dream is a symbol of luck and success. If the ground was covered with hail after strong ice rain, this is an indication that your plans will not come true: you may have not thought them over thoroughly. Hearing hails on the roof if a prediction of small obstacles and problems. Hails falling and beating your head predict revealing some important secret. If the dreamer saw rocks falling on the roof and this reminded him hail, the dream is warning about head traumas.

Sergii Haranenko
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