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Feeling Cold Dream Meaning

If you suddenly felt cold in a dream, then maybe this is just a blanket slid to the floor, and you really froze. But what is the meaning of such a dream, if there is no apparent reason for this?

Did you dream that an unusual cold passed through your body and you became uncomfortable and even scared? You may have encountered an otherworldly entity. This meeting usually does not threaten trouble in reality, but leaves not the most pleasant experience.

The cold in a dream, according to the dream book, literally means the coldness of one’s own soul and it is almost impossible to hide from this. Most likely, you simply do not have enough sensitivity and emotionality.

It is not difficult to determine why winter is dreaming in this case. You are probably disappointed in love, and therefore prefer loneliness.

In general, to feel terrible cold means dissatisfaction with life, boredom and disappointment. If you dreamed that you managed to hide from it, this means everything can still change.

The dream interpreters also think that the unpleasant feeling that you happened to feel in a dream symbolizes a very strong resentment. And a dream gives a hint that only warmth of the soul will help change your fate.

The piercing cold wind and snow symbolize the fatality of circumstances. But if you dreamed that you managed to hide from them, then in the real world tragic situations will pass by.

Miller's dream book warns that if in a dream you happened to feel a terrible cold, this means you are too irresponsible in reality in your affairs and in life in general. There are people who dream of taking away what belongs to you.

Did you have a dream that you felt strong cold? You definitely need to worry about your own health. Especially if your legs froze at night.

Some dream interpreters considers this an indication of a cold and illness due to hypothermia. In real life, you should not only wrap your legs, but also, if possible, undergo a general medical examination.

In this light, winter is a hint of depression and ailments associated with the spiritual side of the individual. The dream interpretation also connects a dream in which you feel the cold with a premonition of old age and even an imminent death.

Sometimes you can see your loved one showing unusual coldness. This dream is interpreted by the dream book as a harbinger of the impending break.

On the other hand, the cold of a loved one reflects his desire to forget something unpleasant associated with you. If in a dream you had a chance to see a frozen stranger, this means you will have to warm someone up on your chest.

Often in a dream you can feel the cold as an indication of the time of its execution. Moreover, if you saw snow, then this is a clear sign that the events to which you give the decryption will occur at the time when it falls.

Sergii Haranenko

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