Touching Hair Dream Meaning

A dream about touching someone’s hair means that you like this person and would like to start relations with him. The plot also symbolizes the beginning of significant life changes.

If someone touched your hair in a dream, this image means you have attracted someone’s attention. If a person touched your hair, this means he would like to get acquainted with you more closely.

If someone touched your hair and you found it pleasant, this means you will soon meet a good man with whom you will establish friendly relations, even friendship.

    If you saw a woman or girl taking care of her hair:
  • combed it – someone wants to make a difficult situation clear;
  • braiding hair – you will have new connections;
  • making a beautiful hairstyle – big changes are coming;
  • drying – you will be able to restore your ruined reputation;
  • making a full bouffant – someone is trying to show off;
  • caressing hair – harmonious relations with others.

Touching someone's hair in a dream is an sign of some changes. If they were disheveled and tangled, everything will deteriorate. Beautiful, well-groomed strands promise favorable changes.

If you dreamed of touching a sophisticated, intricate hairstyle, you will have to face a person who thinks too much about himself.

Caressing soft little girls’ hair in a dream means great luck in your endeavors. For a man to touch the hair of a girl or woman in a dream means: he will get rid of his shortcomings. Someone from friends or relatives will indicate negative features or bad habits of the dreamer. By removing them, the sleeper will fix his life.

If the hair stylist was not only touching your hair but also cutting it, this is a sign of both material and spiritual loss. If the stylist was dyeing your hair, this image means you feel dissatisfaction with yourself and want to change something. Perhaps this concerns your appearance. In this case, sometimes it is enough just to change your image.

It is a good sign if a guy touched your hair and compliment its beauty. He likes you and will find courage to talk to you about it soon.

If an unknown person touched your hair and you didn’t like it, this plot means that someone will try to influence you in order to achieve his goal.

If you dream that your hair is not just being touched, but painfully pulled, dream Interpretation warns: there will be a serious conflict with friends or colleagues, which will have to be settled for a long time.

If a beloved one pulls your hair in a dream, such plot means you will make a mistake or will make him angry with something.

Sergii Haranenko
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