Headscarf Dream Meaning

A handkerchief can be a headdress, a cloth for wiping away tears, and even a symbol of farewell. It is depending on the purpose for which the tissue was used in a dream, based on its color, material and purpose, that there are interpretations of the dream book about why such a picture is seen.

According to the Small Veles dream book, to see a head scarf in a dream means unexpected news that can bring wealth and fame. If you spread it, this means you will write a fateful letter to someone in reality, and without knowing it, you will become a beacon of good luck for a person.

According to Miller's dream book, a headscarf in a dream promises a young girl serious interest for the person of the opposite sex. But if the headscarf is torn, this means that the new relationship will bring nothing but suffering, constant quarrels and misunderstandings.

Tsvetkov's dream book gives an unfavorable interpretation of a dream about a handkerchief: a series of failures and disappointments awaits you. The kerchief, on the contrary, portends good changes in life, a change in the line of fate.

Wearing a scarf in a dream is an almost neutral symbol that predicts the chores associated with ordinary household chores. Just accept the fact that in the near future it will not be time to do what you love.

Why do you dream of tying a kerchief? The 21st century dream book gives an unambiguous interpretation of a dream if a woman saw it. You will have to curb your temper, and give up some principles in order to save harmony and peace in the family.

Going outside, but putting on a headscarf before that in a dream is a sign of an upcoming trip. Soon, urgent matters will pull you out of the family nest; most likely it will be a business trip that will bring good income.

A head scarf on the shoulders in a dream is a reflection of real fears and experiences. Loved ones have piled too much responsibility on you, and the constant responsibilities associated with it strain you and plunge you into severe depression.

The Esoteric dream book gives a psychoanalytic interpretation of a dream where you had to buy a head scarf in a dream. If it was intended to be worn on the head, this means a subconscious desire to hide, a search for a defender who will protect one from all misfortunes.

If you were presented with a scarf in a dream, this means you will be under the reliable protection of a certain influential person, or even a whole group of people in reality. Do not be afraid of troubles, they will not overtake you with such a good "backup".

Individuals who have long dreamed of traveling may well dream of a plot where they managed to find a head scarf. If at the same time emotions are positive, this means you will be very happy about the opportunities for travel in reality; but if you experienced negative feelings, then the trip will only be a burden.

Before interpreting what a shawl means in a dream, remember what fabric it was made of, what it felt like, was it pleasant to hold it in your hands and wear it? All this is directly related to the correct interpretation of the plot in a dream. If you dream of a headscarf of bright white color, dressed on one of your relatives or friends, this means this person will become seriously ill soon. Do not waste time, tell your loved one about the dream, and maybe the disease can be avoided.

The dream book interprets a scarf or shawl in dreams as a harbinger of wealth. Any warm stole thrown over your shoulders is an omen of a very profitable business that can only be accomplished with the help from influential people.

A downy shawl in a dream indicates dreamer's inattention. You find fault with the little things too much, and do not notice really important things. Open your eyes, your loved ones need you, and you only conflict over trifles.

Seeing in a dream a handkerchief that you have not yet used for its intended purpose is a bad symbol of a dream book. A series of troubles in your personal life awaits you. And if you also lost it, this is a sign that any unsightly act committed by you can ruin your reputation for a long time.

Climbing the career ladder promises a dream book for those who saw a head scarf around their neck in a dream. Also, such a plot foreshadows some pangs of conscience, about the fact that you did not deserve a promotion, did not make every effort to this, and success was only the mercy of the management.

For a young woman, seeing herself in a head scarf in a dream is a symbol of constant work on herself. You strive for perfection, constantly controlling negative emotions, this tactic leads to deep spiritual development, the ability to let go of the situation.

For men who had to wear a head scarf in a dream, the dream book promises harmony and fidelity in the family. Your woman is worthy of respect - she will never betray or deceive. But if the head scarf is dirty, then the interpretation is exactly the opposite - the spouse is not faithful to you.

For a married woman, being in a headscarf in a dream means a change in life. Moreover, they can happen both in the bad and in the good direction. If now you are faced with a choice, you should follow the call of your heart, and all hopes for tomorrow will come true.

A headscarf can also be interpreted by a dream book from absolutely different sides: a lot depends on its color. For example, the dream of multi-colored diamonds and squares on fabric is a clear sign of good news from afar.

According to the interpretation of the Ukrainian dream book, the dream of a colored head scarf, painted in the most unexpected and bright shades, foreshadows the arrival of matchmakers for a young lady. If a guy saw such a picture, then he himself will soon go to woo his beloved.

A white head scarf in a dream is a good symbol if the lady-dreamer is wearing it. The dream book predicts good news that will change the way of life for the better. If a white cloth is worn by another person, then he will soon get sick.

What is the meaning of a black head scarf in a dream? Despite the gloomy color, the interpretation of the dream book does not always portend trouble. If there are a lot of black scarves, and young people see them in a dream, then in reality mutual love awaits them. A single black headscarf means unpleasant, bad news.

A rich dark-blue shawl is a symbol of the unidentified, almost magical. The dream book predicts that in the near future supernatural events will occur in your life that will completely cross out your old worldview, and you may even believe in miracles.

The green head scarf symbolizes the birth of a new life, the abandonment of everything unnecessary and old. If such a picture was seen by a married woman who had long dreamed of getting pregnant, then she can have no doubt about why this plot is seen: her hope for a long-awaited child will come true soon.

What is the dream of a silk scarf? For a lonely person, the dream book portends strong love, and one can even hope for reciprocity from a young man. But soon the feelings will fade away, love will be fleeting.

A red headscarf in a dream is a sign of violent passion, and at the same time weakness. A person of the opposite sex will have strong, but forbidden feelings for you. This interpretation is especially true if the dreamer is already married.

Unlike red, a blue head scarf is a sign of alienation, cooling of feelings. This interpretation of the dream book refers to the dreamer himself, who does not receive an answer in return for strong passion. His soul is freezing slowly, closing from love relationships.

According to the Ukrainian dream book, a woman in a black headscarf is a reflection of the dreamer's state of health in a dream. If recently you have been feeling lack of strength, weakness, frequent headaches, this means these symptoms will definitely not go away without proper treatment.

The funeral headscarf is not a symbol of tragedy and death, but it is still a bad sign. But according to the interpretation of the dream book, the dreamer will be denigrated, dispelled by nasty gossip, from which he will receive a lot of suffering and mental anguish.

A pelerine is a cape that is worn over one's clothing. A dream about it predicts that soon you will need to seek the support of some person. Wearing a cape in a dream means that soon you will have to go on a business trip, on which your well-being depends.

Sergii Haranenko
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