Belt Dream Meaning

Since ancient times, the belt has been not just a piece of clothing, but also a talisman for its owner. That is why this accessory sometimes carries an important warning in a dream. Why does a belt appear in a dream? It often symbolizes purposefulness. Dream books interpret the vision as follows: the successful completion of some important business depends only on your mood, concentration.

Did you see clothes with a belt in a dream? In reality you will strive to win the sympathy of the person who shows you signs of attention. A dream about leather belt with a buckle portends a possible promotion.

If in a dream you tied a belt on yourself, this means hard work awaits you in reality. Aim yourself for the result, which often depends on the effort expended.

On the contrary, to untie a belt in a dream is a sign of relief in hard work.

Were you trying on or just holding a new belt in your hands? This means recognition, fame or a happy marriage awaits you.

A dream in which, putting on a belt, you tightened it strongly, illustrates the expression "tighten the belt." Loff's dream book warns: financial difficulties are coming, so you should limit spending.

Did you dream of a beautiful, expensive, ornate or gold accessory belt? Your profits and wealth will increase. To tie and wear it – is a sign of prosperity. The golden color of a belt in a dream can also portend a fragile marriage.

If you found a belt in a dream, this means someone will curry favor with you. A dream that you lost a belt means you will find yourself in a difficult position and you will not be able to cope without assistance.

If a young girl dreamed of how she chose and bought a belt, this means that she will be a devoted wife to her companion, as well as a good mother. In addition, the Women's Dream Book interprets this symbol as a harbinger of a wedding.

For a woman, such a sign promises worries about arranging someone's family life or organizing a wedding. To receive a beautiful colored belt as a gift in a dream is a harbinger of the fact that she will be able to earn the respect of others.

If a man dreamed that he was tying a belt, this means there will be worries and chores about children or younger relatives.

Seeing a fashionable leather belt in a dream means meeting a stranger to whom you will propose. However, this can not only undermine your well-being, but even destroy it.

What does it mean if you dreamed about suspender belt? Such a dream signals a woman: she will soon have desire to become different, to change her image. For a man, it indicates a difficult relationship with family members. Try to overcome your constraint, isolation, so that people begin to appreciate your communication more.

The color of this accessory is also important for the interpretation of the vision. So, red lace belt symbolizes hostility towards someone. Seeing a yellow belt/waistband in a dream means: problems with the digestive tract are possible. White belt – means confidence that things will end favorably. A dream of a blue belt for stockings embodies the most cherished secret dreams.

Green suspender belt predicts the birth of a child for a woman, and for a man it means becoming a father of several children. A beautiful black lace stocking belt means forbidden desires that the dreamer secretly cultivates. Freud's dream book warns: do not succumb to such temptations; they are fraught with big trouble.

What are the other dream interpretations related to a belt or waist? To dream that you have thick long hair to the waist is a sign of success, wealth and power. It may also indicate an event or news that will delight you greatly.

Did you see in a dream how you stood in the water up to your waist? If the water was restless, boiling, troubles and dangers are coming; cloudy water - illness is possible. If it is clean, calm – this is a good omen.

Had a dream of being naked to the waist? Although you are usually quite a confident person, it seems to you that your psychological defense is a little vulnerable. However, the more you “close” from people, the less you will be able to show your talents.

Sergii Haranenko
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