Hive Dream Meaning

Very often an image of beehive in a dream predicts welfare, harmony and good profit. But some dream details can point out mistakes, misunderstandings and your ill-wishers’ intrigues. According to the majority of dreambooks, seeing a beehive predicts harmony and getting high income thanks to a well-made plan. A hive full of honeycombs in a dream predicts that your life will be filled with joy and new pleasant events.

A dream about hive full of bees promises profitable work and good contracts, diligent children who will make you happy by their success. A full beehive can also predict a joyful even in front of plenty of people. An officer who saw a dream with hard-working bees, can be expecting subordination and discipline from others. If a businessman sees such plot, he can be sure about stable guaranteed income and reliable business partners.

  • If you were building a hive – you will easily overcome all the obstacles;
  • Looking at the honeycomb – you will visit interesting places and have interesting communication;
  • Fixing hives – you will have to work hard and put a lot efforts in order to get a better-paid job;
  • If you ruined a hive – a serious mistake will lead to salary reduction or getting a lower position;
  • If you were knocking at it – you will get interfered into a lawsuit process;
  • Turning the hive over – you will have misunderstandings with business partners.

Seeing a beehive at home reflects the dreamer’s high ambitions and striving for better life. He doesn’t value what he already has. A hive with wasps is a serious warning that you will get into a crowd of people who wish to hurt you and are your ill-wishers. A hive occupied by wasps can also predict getting apart with somebody. This can be temporary separation or breaking up forever. A beehive with wasps can predict an unpleasant situation after which the dreamer will have to change place of work.

A beehive whose tenants were fussing a lot indicates that you should have some rest for a while. A hive turned over in a dream is telling you about misunderstandings; you will have to prove your point of view for a long time. If a wasp swarm came to live in your apiary, this dream means that people, who in reality want to hurt you in all possible ways, are trying to win your trust. If a wasp swarm occupied the beehive and got all the bees out of it, this plot warns you that your enemies are incredibly strong at the moment. You have to get ready for conflicts; and even your friends will not be able to help.

Sergii Haranenko
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