Bee Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you are dreaming about bees? Seeing bees in a dream usually predicts welfare and good health. Besides that, this image in a dream may promise a profitable deal with a business partner.

A swarm of bees is considered to be a symbol of wellness and profit, but different interpretation can have different explanation of the image in a dream. If bees sting you in a dream, different dreambooks can have various interpretations, but the main criteria are bite spots. If a bee stings someone on the lip, a person should watch out for his tongue. You should not be too frank and reveal personal (and other people's) secrets even to those people who are considered the most reliable.

    The dreambooks give brief interpretations depending on details:
  • large bees - having fun with friends;
  • wild bees - means income increase;
  • huge bees - strengthening your authority in society;
  • bees sting a child - an invitation to a holiday;
  • bees pursue a child - a quarrel with loved ones;
  • crushing bees - vain hopes;
  • catching bees - a coming relocation;
  • running away from bees - minor trouble;
  • seeing a bee swarm at home - relaxing with your family;
  • a lot of bees - the emergence of a new source of income.

If the bees in a dream sting you in the face, head or neck, this plot warns about problems at work, your employer may not be satisfied with how you fulfill your duties. Besides that this symbol can predict gossip behind your back spread by your ill-wishers.

If the bees stung your whole body in a dream, it is a signal that you have to act here and now. This dream is a special sign that indicates a favorable time for planned tasks, now you can achieve the highest results. If a bee stung you in a dream, but you didn’t feel any pain and kept being in good mood, this image symbolizes a successful ending to all your current beginnings. If the dreamer felt every bite and each of them hurt a lot, this means he will have to put a lot of efforts and do his best in order to finish what he started. The plot can also indicate ingratitude, the invaluable work of the dreamer by employers.

According to the dreambooks, seeing bees swarm in a dream is a rather favorable sign and promises solid profit, prosperity in business, and success in all endeavors. Dreams about hives and honeycombs are also considered very favorable. They predict welfare, success in business and promotion at work. An empty hive brings financial loss and problems in business. A hive full of bees indicates a favorable period not only for your business, but also for a house refurbishment or property purchase.

A wasp in a dream can symbolize an unpleasant person with whom you will be able to cooperate or work at the same project. The interpretation of the dream also reminds about a person in your close surrounding who has mutual antipathy to you.

Bees and honey are considered a symbol of peace at home and prosperity in the family. If bees were bringing honey to your place, this plot can predict change of the house interior or pregnancy in the family. A big bee represents the dreamer’s ability for management and administration; if he really takes high position in real life, this plot show that his subordinates respect him and value a lot.

If you see bees in the hair, the dreambooks define this image as small troubles or obstacles in real life. Insects entangled in the hair promise revealing of cheating. Dead insects in a dream warn about loss of money, theft, deception or signing a doubtful contract. The dreamer should not make new acquaintances at the moment and postpone the signing of any contracts for a while.

Killing the bees in a dream means, according to the dreambooks, to be abandoned, betrayed.

    What are the Top-5 bad bees dream meanings?
  • If you dreamed that a bee sat on your hand and stung, this means danger to life in reality.
  • Bee drowned in a jar of honey - financial difficulties.
  • Bee crashed into a window during a flight - false accusations from colleagues.
  • If you dreamed that a bee was sitting in your ear, this means loss of reputation.
  • Seeing a bee in the hair in a dream - means meeting the enemy.
    What are the Top-5 good dreams about bees?
  • Bees flying out of the hive in a dream promise starting work on a profitable project.
  • Bees gathering nectar - mean the successful implementation of the plan.
  • Bees circling over the head of the beekeeper - predict the visit of long-awaited guests.
  • If you dreamed that bees were flying in your face, this means a new experience.
  • Bees biting - may mean mastering a new profession.
Sergii Haranenko
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