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Interpretation of a dream about breaking-up with boyfriend

If you had to part with your partner in your dream, the dream book advises you to take this vision very seriously and sort out your feelings.

If you happened to break up with a partner in a dream, it means that there is a reason for which the union can crack. Perhaps you are hiding something from him, for example, cheating, and are worried that everything can open up. Dreams, in which you had to break up with your boyfriend, will repeat until the issue is resolved.

The dream interpreters also think that such plot reflects your fear to be left alone. If your boyfriend offered to break-up in a dream, maybe your feelings are not strong and sincere enough.

This plot can also indicate the lack of moral satisfaction. If the lover offers to break-up in a dream, then it comes from the subconscious fear that you do not match him according to various criteria.

The break-up image may be seen in a dream as a symbol of personal insecurity and low self-esteem. The same interpretation has a dream in which you saw that your beloved one leaves for another woman.

If your boyfriend wanted to leave you in a dream, this is a sign that it's time for you to express your own opinion and not be led by others.

If your boyfriend wanted to break up without any reason in a dream, this means that some event will happen that will be so unexpected that it will literally knock the ground from your feet.

If there was a serious reason for the break up, such plot promises big changes, but it is not necessary they will be in your personal life. If the initiative comes from you, and your boyfriend does not want to leave, it means that a period of great difficulties begins.

According to Miller, breaking-up in a dream is a symbol of cooling of your relations. But if you took the news joyfully, you can be expecting a new romance in real life.

Seeing how your boyfriend leaves predicts divorce in real life. If you feel complete indifference, it means that it would be better to part on good terms.

Regret and sadness in a dream suggests that you need to leave the past behind and live in a new life. This is especially true if you dreamed that you had a chance to break up with your ex-lover.

If you broke-up with your ex and experienced a feeling of dissatisfaction, then you will meet with him again in real life. Quick and joyful parting with the ex means that you are prepared for success and good luck in all matters.

    Some dream details can help you get better interpretation of the plot:
  • A sudden breakup promises dramatic changes.
  • Too stormy - entertainment and fun.
  • With the scandal - predicts strengthening the relationship.
  • Sad - is a sign of the loss.
  • Because of betrayal - predicts a quarrel.

In any case, the dreambooks do not recommend taking this dream literally, but only as a warning that it is necessary to revise the current situation.