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Wasp Sting Dream Meaning

If a wasp has stung you in a dream, you should get ready for gossip, hostility and a sudden attack of ill-wishers. If a wasp suddenly stung you, this dream image shows that you are an extremely gullible and gentle person; others do not hesitate to use you. Sometimes the dreambooks can give quite a definite explanation of a wasp sting – you will get scolding from your employer and will be very upset by the situation. The image of wasp sting can also indicate that you are tired and annoyed and this will definitely result in conflict.

According to Miller, if a wasp stung you, you will have a lot of enviers and ill-wishers who will poison your life with minor troubles. A wasp bite can also reflect difficulties in your business affairs because of others’ behavior. It is better if you saw another person being stung: this means that your ill-wishers will get what they deserve.

    If you were stung by a wild wasp swarm, the dreambooks suspect that your troubles are caused by your relatives. If you remember your actions at the moment of insects’ attack, you can get better interpretation of the dream:
  • Waving them off – intrigues;
  • Running away – reproaches;
  • Hiding from them – be patient;
  • You were afraid of them – be careful;
  • Killing them – you will cope with all the difficulties.

If a swarm attacked you but their stings didn’t bring you any discomfort, you can be sure that your bosses and colleagues value and respect you a lot. A wasp sting in the hand warns about ill-wishers who can harm your happiness. Even a relations break is possible after such dream. But if you waved the insect off and it didn’t manage to sting your hand, this plot means you will find out where the threat comes from and will prevent the worst result.

A sting in a hand is a suggestion that you are wasting too much money in vain. The same plot seen by a young girl can mean she will regret acting silly. If a wasp stung you in the finger, you will quarrel with a person you care about because of some silly talks and this will bring serious consequences. If the finger got incredibly swollen after a sting and became huge, this dream image predicts a sudden, fast and great success.

A wasp sting in the leg promises joy related to big income or valuable purchase. But if the wasp stung you in the leg and it got really swollen and red, this plot means that you should be prepared for trouble. The dreambooks also assume that you can lose stability in your life if you accept a doubtful proposition.

A wasp sting in the ear brings you a much unexpected idea that will help you fulfill an unusual plan. But the same plot may have a negative interpretation predicting humiliation and losing dignity. If you got stung by a wasp in a dream and had to take out the sting, this plot points out that your wish didn’t come true yet because of your complexes. Seeing a sting in another person’s body means that you will need to help someone, even if you are not sure in your abilities.

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