Dolphin Dream Meaning

Dolphins are associated with romance, sunset and the blue sea in real life. While if seen in a dream this symbol is either a forerunner of the fact that in the near future you should expect a change of leadership, or your emotions simply do not find a way out.

If you were swimming on a dolphin’s back, this dream indicates that you see the world in “pink glasses”, Felomen’s dreambook thinks. By the way, such attitude can bring disappointment in your partner because he may turn to be more practical man and you will not like it. A flock of dolphins that was having fun in an artificial enclosure, this means that someone restrains you all the time. You do not let your real feelings go. If the dolphins were making circus tricks in your dream, this is a sign that you are overacting; you should better be yourself.

If the dolphins didn’t want to make the tricks, you should better think about your surrounding: maybe you are going in different directions with these people.

According to Miller, if the dolphins were jumping out of the water, this is a symbol that everything is going as it should be. Depending on the water temperature, the dreams about dolphins can have different interpretation. If it was cold – you should revise the strategy of your business plan. Warm water means you should not interfere with the flow of events.

A friendly dolphin in a dream is associated with too much softness. You should not take more responsibilities than you can handle. Miller also thinks that this dream can symbolize psychological pressure on you of your employers or even government.

Chinese dreambooks consider dolphin a symbol of promotion, especially if you saw a joyful animal. Dreams about dolphins can be also seen because you are tired of your current life, routine; maybe there is no passion in love any more. You should try adding a bit of romance to your life.

According to Family dreambook, dolphins in dreams can also symbolize new friends who will differ much from your old ones. These people will mostly probable be your soul mates. Riding a dolphin is a symbol that you are taking too many duties and obligations that require a lot of energy.

According to Maya, swimming with dolphins in a dream means that your friends completely rely on you. You have earned their trust and respect and it is important to keep it as it is for any years. Other dreambooks think that such plot is a sign that you are cleverly using your mental abilities in realization of your projects.

If the dolphin attacked you in a dream, it is time to revise your attitude to other people. Maybe they are dissatisfied with something, especially if you saw a furious dolphin.

Very often dolphins seen in a dream can predict pregnancy.

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Menegetty’s dreambook considers dolphin a symbol of faithful friend and companion who you can always rely on. Besides that a dolphin in a dream reflects your brightest sides.

It is quite an interesting fact about such a peaceful creature as dolphin showing aggression in a dream. Such plot symbolizes your tendency to cruelty. If you dreamed that you were swimming with dolphins, and suddenly one or more individuals attacked you and began to bite, be careful in your judgments - you can offend someone a lot.

The dreambook of Sexual dreams gives the following explanation of seeing dolphins in dreams. Seeing dolphins in a dream means that in real life you do not like routine and you feel a desire to diversify your intimate relationships. You no longer find pleasure in regular sex, you want something new. If you dream that you are riding a dolphin, this means you will have sex in the water. This will give you new unforgettable sensations.

Dreaming of a dolphin may indicate life saving or some kind of deliverance. The Newest dreambook considers it a sign that you will fall in love without reciprocity.

According to the 20-th Century dreambook, the image of a dolphin in a dream symbolizes some interesting, smart thought or idea, which in real life, alas, can hardly be useful to you. Most likely, the plans you are hatching are good and beautiful, but not for the conditions in which you are going to act.

Dolphin dream symbolism

Dolphins are known for their intelligence and are often seen as symbols of wisdom in many cultures. Dreaming of dolphins may suggest that you seek guidance or wisdom in your waking life.

Dolphins are highly social creatures and are known for their communication skills. Dreaming of dolphins may indicate a desire for more social interaction or better communication with others.

Dolphins are also associated with freedom and playfulness. Dreaming of dolphins may suggest a need for more joy and freedom in your life, or it could indicate a desire to escape from stress or responsibilities.

In some spiritual beliefs, dolphins are seen as spiritual guides or messengers. Dreaming of dolphins may suggest that you are receiving spiritual guidance or messages from your subconscious.

Dolphins are sometimes associated with healing and protection. Dreaming of dolphins may indicate a need for emotional healing or a desire for protection in your life.

Sergii Haranenko
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