Hung Woman Dream Meaning

According to dreambooks, a hanged woman symbolizes an unsettled personal life. This shocking symbol can also be seen in a dream in order to understand which features of character harm our relationships in various life areas. To get the dream interpretation, the dreamer should consider the environment, who the dead woman was and how close she was to him.

According to Vanga, the image of a hung woman in a dream can be the reflection of the dreamer’s dark past that will remind of itself. The present can demand taking an immediate decision.

If you became a witness that an unknown woman was going to commit suicide and hang herself, this plot means that someone of people you care about will need your help and support. You will have to take responsibility for your friend’s or relative’s mental state.

Gustav Miller pays attention to the place where the fearful finding was seen. If you found the hung woman in a forest, this image predicts work promotion. If the poor woman was hanging upside down, you should beware of family problems. When the ship's deck serves as the gallows, there may be difficulties on the planned trip.

A girl hanging from the ceiling on a hook for a chandelier in the dreamer's house warns about the invasion of thieves during the daytime. If she was hung in a loft under roof, such plot predicts unexpected guests that will bring chaos into your life.

    If you saw a dream about execution by hanging, you should pay attention to such image, because it may contain a number of warnings:
  • If you have passed a sentence in a dream, refuse the doubtful offers;
  • The role of the executioner promises troubles for your relatives because of your own fault;
  • Participation in the construction of the scaffold promises patronage;
  • For a lady dreamer a similar plot foreshadows a profitable marriage;
  • A bunch of onlookers personifies detractors.

The closer were your relations with the hung woman, the higher is the chance to lose patronage that you need so much. The reason will be a misunderstanding or a stupid misconduct.

If the hung woman whom you saw in a dream was your relative, the interpretations depend on your closeness. If it was your mother, no matter alive or deceased, this image reminds of family values. If it was your wife who was hung in a dream, this means your tactlessness prevents you from normal communication with people. A hung sister reflects great envy; you will either feel it yourself all will witness other people have it for you. Distant relatives hung predict taking part in some party.

Seeing a good acquaintance hung means that one of your friends will ask for help or favor. If it was your colleague, there is high possibility of compromising, injustice of your boss, or unsuccessful partnership at work.

If the hung woman was incredibly beautiful, this means that sudden turn of events will give you a priceless experience. The situation will require decisiveness, global change, a final break with the past. An unattractive woman is associated with a required isolation.

If the lady-dreamer recognized herself in the hung woman, this symbol means she doesn’t feel certainty and has no confidence. If you were responsible for hanging a woman, you will finally get an expensive item you wanted as a present.

Saving a suicide predicts help from where you didn’t expect.
Sergii Haranenko
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