Dead Woman Dream Meaning

If you saw a dream about dead woman this is a symbol meaning that the source that used to inspire you has dried out. Sometimes the dreambooks give positive interpretation: some issue or a definite life period will be finished and you will get inner peace.

Dreams related to death are usually unpleasant and full of dramatizing. They are rarely associated with dead people in real life, but just allow the dreamer gather all his energy to cope with the coming difficulties. The dreambooks are also sure that the plot predicts long life and wellbeing to the woman who was the heroine of the night image.

Seeing your live acquaintance dead in a dream is a symbol that your relations with her will be altered. For example, you will quarrel or stop communication on another reason. A dead acquaintance, seen in a dream, means that this woman is unpleasant to you and you wish her bad.

Sometimes death of a woman you know indicates that her life will be changed significantly: she can either get married or change the place of work or living.

If you saw your friend or relative dead in your dream, this can means that you are trying to get rid of bad features of your character.

If you didn’t know what to do with the body in your dream, this can indicate that you will soon have a situation when you will come to the end of your tether, but you will remember the lesson for your whole life.

If you personally killed a woman for big reward in a dream, you should get ready for financial difficulties in real life. If a young girl sees such plot, she will have several doubtful admirers.

If you saw an absolutely unknown dead woman, this can be a sign of betrayal of a friend or partners or cheating. It is a negative plot if you see the dead woman move: you will be terrified in real life soon.

A corpse of the unknown woman is a sign that you will receive a good advice. You should definitely take the offer that you will have soon. But if you were related to her death, this means you will get into a bad situation and be disgraced.

A dead woman in a dream can also symbolize big happiness. If the body was in a coffin, you will have profit soon.

If you found a dead woman in your own house, you will be disgraced or get ill. If you managed to trip over the dead body, you will find out about an accident with someone close to you.

If the body of a dead woman was decomposing, this means you will lose hope. But if it dried out and turned to ashes, welfare is waiting for you.

    If you remember your actions with the body, you can get detailed interpretation of the dream. For example,
  • Moving the dead woman's body literally means stirring up the past.
  • Washing the deceased woman's body – a tragedy, accident;
  • Dressing up a dead woman – illness;
  • Burying a dead woman – joy, getting back what you lost;
  • Hugging a dead woman – the end of your worries;
  • Kissing a deceased woman – hope, long life.

If you found a dead woman in your bed, this means that an issue that seemed hopeless would have triumphant success.

If a dead woman suddenly resurrected, there will be very unusual events in your life; you shouldn’t even try finding the explanation.

If a dead woman suddenly became a vampire and attacked you in a dream, you should be ready for worsening of the whole life situation and problems in personal relations.

If the dead woman rose from the coffin, you should be expecting an uninvited guest. If the dead woman became alive, you will have some news from afar or al old business or feelings will revive.

Sergii Haranenko
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