Incurable Disease Dream Meaning

A terminal illness seen in a dream is usually seen by people who have lost faith in themselves and in their strengths. However, dream books that explain why such a plot is seen assure that such visions cannot be ignored, because they can warn the dreamer of the danger of being out of work or being deceived.

According to Miller's dream book, an incurable disease can be seen in a dream by someone who does not care about his own state of health and does not care about the “alarm bells” of the body in reality.

And also, the interpreter suggests, any dreamer who sees himself ill in a dream can hear gossip and rumors about himself.

The Eastern dream book, explaining why someone can dream about his own incurable disease, offers the following interpretation of the dream: danger looms over the implementation of your plans, try to protect them by hiding the details of the endeavor from outsiders. In short, you should talk less!

But Freud's dream book assures that an ailment that cannot be treated in a dream means either personal powerlessness in bed, or dissatisfaction with your partner and, as a result, the desire to break off relations.

    Interpreting the meaning of the incurable disease that struck you, the dream books recommend clarifying which organs or parts of the body have suffered from the disease. This is what such a vision means if in a dream you had:
  • heart problems - soon you will realize that loneliness is not such a problem;
  • abdominal pain - you have forgotten about rest, it will remind you of itself in the most unhappy way;
  • head problems - be on the lookout for enemies, control what you say to them;
  • amputation of limbs - you should not go anywhere, you will not get what you hoped for;
  • blindness or deafness is a symbol of self-deception and unwillingness to believe in the inevitable;
  • mental disorders - your efforts to impress others will be in vain.

Did you dream that someone close to you fell ill with an incurable disease? To understand this dream, remember who exactly fell ill.

So, for example, if you see your husband or groom as a terminally ill person in a dream, this, unfortunately, is a signal that his feelings for you have cooled down, the Wanderer's dream book is upsetting.

But if you dreamed that a close friend was sick, then it is likely that he has some secrets from you in reality. Moreover, these secrets can spoil your relationship with him, having embroiled you for a long time.

Do you see a sick relative? Most likely, this person is very offended at you and says nasty things about you.

A dream in which you see yourself working in a hospice with seriously ill people speaks of disappointment in what you have been doing lately, giving all your strength and energy.

What does it mean if you had a dream that you were sitting by the bedside of a stranger with an incurable disease and reading a book to him or talking to him? This is a hint: negotiations will be in vain, you will waste time, the dream books predict.

Sergii Haranenko
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