Heart Dream Meaning

What does it mean when you dream about heart? Interpreting why such a vital organ as the heart appears in a dream, the dream book examines it from both physiological and emotional point of view. Injuries, surgical intervention during the dream, and in general any discomfort in this area is often a signal of the onset of the disease, which does not yet make itself felt in the waking state. Timely measures will help prevent illness.

The meaning of the images seen in dreams often reflects the severity of feelings and emotional disturbances, an excess of which will also not bring anything good. If there are no visible health problems, in such cases it is sometimes worth to just temper the ardor and not torment yourself in vain. And it also happens that the dream about heart tries to "wake up" the sleeping person, melt the ice, destroy the wall between his feelings and the world around him.

If you happened to see a human heart in a dream, and you know for sure who it belongs to, perhaps the dream indicates to you the problems with the aura, caused by both internal excessive worries and external interventions.

Everything related to heartbeat in dreams embodies the dreamer's struggle with real opponents, external factors and even with himself. If the heartbeat in a dream causes discomfort, the dream book believes that there may be physiological reasons for this.

The dream book first of all warns: if you dreamed that your heart ached, do not ignore what you saw in your dream. Such a plot is often a symptom of a real disease, and not necessarily associated with the activity of the cardiovascular system.

Heart disease, which does not exist in reality, serves as a warning of major losses. The likelihood of a business failure or a major quarrel with a loved one is very high at the moment.

If you dreamed that the heart was cut out, nevertheless, you continue to do without it, the Indian dream book says that it would be frivolous to hope for an easy victory: your opponent is too strong.

If you dreamed that your heart stopped, the dream book offers a somewhat metaphorical interpretation. Sometimes dreams with a similar plot hint at your detachment and even callousness. Isn't it time to open your feelings to the outside world?

A dream of cardiac arrest calls the dreamer to maximum vigilance. Mistakes made in the current period will entail extremely negative consequences, which will not be easy to fix, so be extremely careful and think twice about serious steps.

A dream about shot in the heart personifies the sleeping man's distrust of the world around him. Such an interpretation of what one saw in a dream takes effect only on the condition that the dreamer is healthy in general and there are no objective reasons for concern.

A knife stabbed in the heart suggests that the dreamer is to face the manifestation of the worst human qualities in his address: betrayal, meanness, insults and backbiting. The insult caused can negatively affect the state of the person’s health.

The Maya Indians interpreted explain in their own way what a dream about a wound in the heart is about. In their opinion it symbolizes lack of love, an emptiness, which, according to the laws of nature, will certainly be filled. New love will not keep you waiting.

If you dreamed about heart surgery, it is strongly recommended to pay attention to your health: feelings in a dream can be a reflection of a real illness. At the very least, take preventive measures, set yourself a gentle regime.

A heart transplant in dreams reflects unrequited love in most cases. You are ready to give your heart to a person who does not care about your feelings, - the dream book explains.

If you saw in a dream how cardiac massage ( CPR) was done to you, Loff's dream book warns that in the near future you will suddenly need a large amount of money. If you provided emergency assistance in a dream, perhaps someone will need your support in reality.

Dreams about the heart of an animal often symbolize enmity, unfriendly environment, and the absence of like-minded people. Sometimes it seems to you that the whole world is up in arms against you. The dream book calls not to exaggerate the scale of hostility and alienation.

The dream of a pendant in the shape of a heart personifies disappointment in love, which will make the dreamer worry a lot. The dream book recommends moderating your ardor, since such violent unrest can negatively affect health.

If you saw the heart of your beloved in a dream, the dream book warns that not everything is in order with his energy. A breakdown can be caused both by the onset of a disease or by an energy attack.

A painted heart in dreams embodies deception, empty dreams and vain hopes. Which, however, is quite predictable if the aspirations are not at all supported by actions. The dream book reminds that the first step towards it can be much more effective than drawing hearts.

The sleeping person is threatened to be in confusion by such a dream: a black heart as a gift. This mysterious symbol indicates that they are trying to deceive you by manipulating your feelings. The dream book urges you not to torture yourself in vain.

What does arrhythmia mean in a dream? Seeing yourself with severe heart rhythm disturbances is a sign of a real similar disease. This dream is a warning: you need to be examined by a doctor.

Sergii Haranenko
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