Kneeling Spiritual Dream Meaning

    The dreambooks pay attention to a number of details about people standing on their knees in the night plot:
  • Seeing your knees wounded – a sign of big troubles that you will have to put up with and find spiritual balance;
  • Standing in the clear river water up to your knees – happy events;
  • Standing in muddy standing water up to your knees – immoral behavior and troubles;
  • Kneeling on the ground because your legs cannot hold you – unexpected meeting;
  • Kneeling in front of an acquaintance – knowing from whom to ask protection;
  • Being tired – illness;
  • Seeing another person on his knees – God will reward this person.

A person who was on his knees in a dream in a church will have good fortune. If he dreamed that in prayer he earnestly made obeisance, dream books warn about the theft from home or loss among loved ones.

If you dreamed of a familiar man doing a Islamic prayer, and at the same time he is facing the dreamer - know that in reality he will act according to honor and conscience. If he prayed for your well-being, it means deliverance from anxiety and payment of debt.

According to Miller’s interpretation, to observe how people are kneeling and offering prayers to God in a dream, foreshadows troubles. A person will be able to overcome them at the cost of large losses. What dreams of someone else's worship means? This is a sign that you need to timely contact your friends for help.

If you dreamed of kneeling on the porch, waiting for alms, then the dream books consider: you have some guilt, but prayers for pardon will not be heard. If in a dream you were given alms, then in reality good luck will not turn away, you will find your benefactor.

If a wealthy man saw himself on the porch with an outstretched hand, he would have to go through a financially difficult period; and for the poor people the plot promises a good, full year. If in a dream someone else asks for alms, it means being in an awkward situation in reality.

Dream books believe that kneeling in front of someone as a sign of obedience has almost a direct interpretation - you fell into submission, yielded to external influence. Be critical of those who like to say that they wish you well.

If you dreamed that you didn’t experience shame or despair, then accepting the current real circumstances would be a sensible decision and help you gain confidence. Why does one dream of crying with this? You will get great news and comfort. If someone cried in front of you - he needs support in real life, right now.

Sergii Haranenko
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