Legs And Their Parts Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you see legs in your dream? The dream about right leg symbolizes your intention to restore order, correct the situation. The dream talks about your self-righteousness and commitment to leadership positions.

If you had a dream about your left leg, the dream book says that the past does not let you go. Most likely, the dream is inspired by a single episode of your biography, affecting the sphere of emotions and feelings.

The big toe is interpreted by the dream book as a sign of the upcoming visit of the long-awaited guests. A dream says that you will soon be visited by friends or relatives whom you are always happy to see.

A foot in your dream indicates that in the near future you will have an impressive acquaintance and an exciting romantic adventure. Dream Interpretation advises not to lose your head and relying on your common sense.

Dream interpretation believes that a person who has hairy legs in your dream has power over you. In this form, you can dream of a boss or relative, on whom you are emotionally or financially depend.

Long hair on the legs can be seen by those who have firmly dominant position for a long time. At the same time, the dream reminds that it is desirable to refrain from manifestations of tyranny and despotism.

If you saw hair growing at your legs, such dream means that now is the right time to let go your thoughts, ideas and wishes.

If you see toenails in a dream, pay attention to their look. A dream in which the nails are attractive enough promises you a victory or a win, but dream book interprets unpresentable nails as a sign of defeat.

If you dreamed of long toenails, the dream book advises not to overwork. The image means that now is not the time to force things; it’s much more productive to take a wait-and-see attitude.

The dream about toes in the dream is considered to be a good sign. The plot means that you are equally successful in your personal life, as well as in your work or study. If the toes look badly, the dream takes on the opposite meaning.

A dream of dirty feet is considered a sign of trouble. The dream also means that petty quarrels can seriously upset you.

Bare feet in a dream symbolize the vulnerability of their owner. If you go barefoot outside, such dream means that you may encounter obstacles or someone will try to stop you.

Feet in the water foretell an unforgettable vacation, which will be made great by short and non-binding holiday romance. Dream interpretation advises to perceive what is happening as a fascinating adventure, which will end on its own without any consequences.

The dreamed long legs represent an easy attitude to life. The dreamer is characterized by pursuit of pleasure and short-sightedness. It is not surprising that such an approach entails trouble — this is what this dream is about.

Your leg veins can tell a lot about your business acumen. A dream in which the veins are even and nice promises you success in business, but thin or knotted veins foreshadow financial difficulties, the dream book explains.

The dream book interpret dirt under feet as a harbinger of trouble and unexpected obstacles. The dream indicates the likelihood that you can greatly harmed by gossip.

A dream of a tattoo on your leg should be interpreted literally. The drawing or hieroglyph depicts exactly what prevents you from moving forward. A dream wants to show that is a ballast in your life.

If you dream of the feet of a dead man, the dream book promises that you will be able to return what you have long considered lost forever.

Different shoes on your feet in your dream suggests that you are trying to move in several directions at once. Dream calls to define your interests and focus on the main goal.

If you dreamed of women's legs that you want to admire, the dream speaks of your impressionability. The dream, in which the curved and ugly legs appear is a harbinger of losses.

Deliberately enlarged or swollen feet in a dream promise profits. Thick legs in a dream mean that in a difficult situation you will be assisted by someone who stands firmly on his feet, or a favorable set of circumstances will allow you to gain ground under your own feet. In any case, this is a very reassuring dream.

A dream in which you see warts on your legs means profit and prosperity. For a woman, such a dream can mean an upcoming visit to a beauty salon or a good shopping.

Calluses on the legs seen in a dream urge you to think: Do you help other people to the detriment of yourself?

A splinter in the foot from your dream means that someone from your environment has pretty tired you with its persistence. Undoubtedly, he is trying for your own good, but the fact remains: his intrusiveness keeps you from moving forward. Dream Interpretation advises to get rid of such acquaintance.

When you dream of ulcers on the legs, the dream book advises to pay attention to your surrounding. The dream can mean that you are simply being used. The plot calls to reconsider your behavior as well, perhaps you allow yourself too much.

If you have worms in your legs, the dream book explains this with your immoderate burden to material benefits. The dream tries to remind in this way that there are many other interesting things besides luxury.

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Sergii Haranenko
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