Lace Dream Meaning

What does dreaming of lacework mean in dreams? A dream about lace predicts being asked out or a wish come true. Besides that, the image predicts a favorable life period.

If a girl sees in a dream how she weaves lace, this foreshadows a coming meeting with a man with great prospects who will propose to her.

Wearing lace in a dream is a harbinger of good luck achieved as a result of precise calculation. Beautiful and expensive lace promises you fidelity in love and an improvement in your position in society.

If she sews lace onto her underwear, there will be many admirers, but she will not get married soon.

According to the 20th Century dreambook, dreaming of lacework symbolize female dexterity and cunning.

Light, beautiful lace is a sign that you have every chance to arrange your affairs well if you show flair and intuition.

Black lace seen in a dream is a sign of secret intrigue.

Seeing torn lace warns that your plans may be thwarted.

Seeing lace on someone else in a dream means that you will be happy with how your ambitious desires for a career and a profitable marriage will be fulfilled.

If in a dream you are engaged in lace knitting, it means that in real life you will have monotonous, but very profitable work.

Ironing lace means there will be no end to admirers, but real-life circumstances will deprive you of freedom of choice.

Sewing lace on a dress - you will make a good and fast career.

Selling lace in a dream means your wishes will be half fulfilled; buying it means the purchases you make in reality will not please you because of a quarrel with your loved one.

If a young man dreams that his beloved wears lace, this portends fidelity in love.

    What kind of lace did you see in a dream?
  • white lacework - prosperity in the house;
  • yellow lace - sign of good mood;
  • green lace - means happiness and tranquility;
  • blue lace - promises well-deserved respect;
  • black lace - intrigue on the part of ill-wishers;
  • red lacework - means mutual feelings;
  • beautiful lacework - a pleasant surprise;
  • new lace means an interesting acquaintance.
    Depending on where the lace was:
  • on women's underwear - promiscuous intimate relationships;
  • laced collar - predicts the implementation of plans;
  • laced jacket - a long-awaited acquisition;
  • laced socks - promise an exciting journey;
  • laced stockings - predict a passionate romance.

Top-5 negative dreams about lacework

  • Dreaming of lace in dirt symbolizes gossip about the dreamer's past.
  • Lace covered in blood - warns of a dangerous situation.
  • Selling lace means vain expectations.
  • Washing it means doing monotonous and low-paying work.
  • Seeing someone tearing this fabric means forced separation from loved ones.

Top-5 positive lace dream meanings

  • Beige lace symbolizes receiving an expensive gift.
  • Pink lacework - predicts a joyful event.
  • Lace clothes in the closet are a sign of a successful investment of personal funds.
  • Seeing it on a girl - means the implementation of plans.
  • Ironing lace means a successful solution to an old problem.

Symbolism of lace in dreams

Lacework is often associated with delicacy and elegance. Dreaming of lacework may symbolize a desire for refinement, beauty, or a wish to add a touch of sophistication to your life.

Lacework involves intricate patterns and attention to detail. Dreaming of lacework may suggest that you need to pay attention to the finer details of a situation or project. It could be a reminder to be meticulous in your approach.

Lace is often considered a symbol of femininity and sensuality. Dreaming of lacework may reflect aspects of your own femininity, sensitivity, or desires for more romance and intimacy in your life.

Lacework is made by interweaving threads to create a unified pattern. Dreaming of lacework may symbolize the interconnectedness of different aspects of your life or a desire for stronger connections in relationships.

Lacework requires skill and craftsmanship. Dreaming of lacework may suggest a need for creative expression or a desire to hone your skills in a particular area of your life.

In some contexts, lacework may be used as a decorative element on clothing or home furnishings. Dreaming of lacework might symbolize a desire for protection or a wish to create a beautiful and comforting environment.

Lace, with its delicate nature, may also symbolize vulnerability. Dreaming of lacework could reflect feelings of emotional vulnerability or a need to handle delicate situations with care.

Lace is often used in wedding dresses and other ceremonial attire. Dreaming of lacework may be associated with celebrations, ceremonies, or significant life events.

Sergii Haranenko
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