Dirt Dream Meaning

What is the dirt symbolism in dreams? Each dream book interprets mud in a dream differently. The interpretation depends on a number of aspects - what consistency the dirt was, what you did with it and what was happening around, whether you could wash it off or you didn’t manage to wash it off. We will talk further why one dreams of dirt or slush.

Dirt in a dream - is it all that bad?

    Dream dictionaries offer the most popular interpretation of why a person dreams of seeing dirt:
  • To see dirt in a dream means being sad or blue;
  • Seeing garbage, slops - represents base pleasures;
  • If you dream about a dirty shoe - this is the threat of illness;
  • Stepping over mud in a dream - means overcoming difficulties;
  • Washing your hands from dirt - expect a lot of money;
  • Sweeping dirt - overcoming obstacles; for girls it predicts wedding;
  • To smear it deliberately - is a symbol of wealth;
  • If the yard is buried in streams of mud - this is a warning of force majeure;
  • Dreaming about healing mud - means diseases, but not fatal;
  • Driving in a dirty car is a sign you should be more accurate, road accidents are possible;
  • Next, we will consider the meanings of mud in specific situations by different dream books. Perhaps things are not so bad, and there is no need to panic.

Why does a young girl dream of dirt?

Dreaming about dirt has a sacred meaning. Thus, in our subconsciousness, the mother- earth is displayed with its natural feminine principle.

    Therefore, for girls, such symbols in a dream play a particularly important role:
  • To be smeared in mud - means becoming an object of gossip and slander;
  • To wash the dirt off means avoiding gossip and preserve honor;
  • To dream of thick fatty black soil - this is a symbol of fertility;
  • And if the soil is liquid - this image predicts difficulties with conception and bearing.

Pouring mud on someone means gaining a reputation as a gossip girl. But crossing a puddle means exactly the opposite - being impartial and not participating in gossip.

Interpretation in the aspect of personal life

When you dream that you happened to get dirty, this image predicts discord in the relationship. Moreover, the severity of the conflict with a loved one will depend on the amount of dirt. If this was just a dirty spot, the intensity of passions will subside quickly, and if it is a whole swamp, even a breakup is possible.

Carefully! Such a dream can serve as a warning about infidelity, betrayal and deception. Take a closer look at who is next to you at the moment. Don't play Sherlock, but be vigilant.

According to the Enigma dream book, walking barefoot through puddles or swamps can mean an aggravation of the conflict within the family. Often the dreamer himself becomes the reason for this, so you can avoid trouble if you change your own behavior in reality.

Dream interpretation of Vanga: meaning of dirt in dreams

Why do you dream that they are trying to spray you? Your indiscretion will become the cause of gossip and slander. Here it is worth making a remark: it does not matter whether a person or a car sprayed you in a dream, the interpretation remains the same.

Cleaning clothes from dried stains – means old grievances do not let go and burden you in the present. If you dream of your own body, which you are trying to wash, this is a sign that remorse of conscience does not give you rest. When bathing does not help you achieve the desired cleanliness, do not make excuses for your actions.

If in a dream happened to fall barefoot into a puddle or pit - it all depends on your reaction to what was happening. If you do not panic, this dream means good luck and happiness; if you were scared and try to get out as soon as possible, then you will miss the opportunity to get rich.

Miller promises wealth!

Miller is more optimistic in his forecasts - according to his dream book, dirt in dreams promises wealth and good luck, fruitful work and fair decent reward. But only if we are not talking about a person whose activities are related to the land (farmers, agronomists)! In this case, such a dream is a harbinger of crop failure and losses.

Why do you dream of standing and watching from the sidelines how someone walks through the mud? This dream means that a close friend or colleague will spread rumors about you. But Miller sees a favorable outcome of the situation in a dream of cleaning one’s own clothes from stains - you will be able to justify yourself.

Dreaming of dirt in Islam: mud – means evil or good?

Such a dream has both favorable and not very positive meaning for the seer. If a person's face, mouth , body or hair is stained, it means that he has many sins. Those who happened to walk through a puddle or slush suffer in reality from secret fears and worries. If a person managed to get smeared without outside help, the dream book warns that he will soon commit a sin.

The Islamic dream book interprets favorably situations when slurry appears on dry ground in a dream. This means that the harvest will be rich. And if you were lucky enough to get out of the mud and the attempt was crowned with success - in case of illness, the dreamer will heal, and in case of serious problems, he will find a favorable solution.

What else can dirt symbolize in dreams?

If you remember the exact details of the dream, the dream book will give it a more capacious interpretation. One can dream of not just dirt as such, but also specific actions of a person with it, as well as other interesting details. Let's try to explain the most common ones.

But remember that you should not take a negative prediction from a dream book as inevitable. Dreams are very often a warning. And if you take it seriously, you can avoid negative consequences in real life.

Seeing trash in a dream

If the entire floor of a house or apartment is littered with household rubbish, family troubles between household members are inevitable. Rummaging through garbage means trying to clear your good name. But a dream about dirty kitchen table is a sign of gifts and unexpected joys. If you are throwing trash out of your home, you may be missing out on some opportunity or profit.

Running through the mud

A situation in which you have to run away from someone through the mud is usually seen in a dream by someone who spreads rumors in real life and tries to hide from public condemnation. Perhaps for you this is a sign that running from an impending pile of problems is not an option. Ask for forgiveness if you understand that you have slandered someone, and try to correct the consequences of your unworthy act.

Falling into the swamp

Getting bogged down in swamp mud in a dream is a sign of overwork and possible illness. So that the dream has no real continuation - take a vacation and take care of your own health.

If you stayed in the swamp and were not trying to get out, there is reason to prepare for changes in life that are not for the better.

Prepare mentally and financially for difficult times, if in a dream you were "lucky" to drown in a swamp. And if at the beginning you had to swim along it, this means the unfavorable period will be protracted.

Falling into the hole

Freud warns that a pit or an abyss symbolizes a test in itself. If you are "lucky" to get into a pit with slops, this is a sign of a difficult job or difficult life period, but in the end you will receive a reward for your work.

To fall into a muddy well predicts despair. But try to pull yourself together - the black stripe will certainly be replaced by a white one!

Seeing dust

Why do you dream of dust? You can soon expect big profits and good luck in business. Wiping it from furniture - wait for the inheritance notice.

Dust on the road is interpreted almost literally - something interferes with your moving along the path of life. And if it rises up or is whipped by the wind, life will change, get ready for change.

Sergii Haranenko
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