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Blood On Clothes Dream Meaning

The image of blood on clothes in a dream is associated with conflict, kinship and even retribution. But sometimes it may indicate a profit and significant changes.

If you saw one small blood stain and have no idea where it came from, then in the real world you will become a victim of false suspicions.

Seeing a big stain of blood on your clothes means that a relative or someone close to you will commit an extremely careless act, which will cast a shadow on your hitherto impeccable reputation.

If there were many stains on your dress, the dreambooks recommend not interfering into your relatives’ scandals.

Seeing bloody stains on white clothes is a sign that there will be a period of big troubles in your life.

If blood was imprinted on white clothes, the dream interpretation is predicting the receipt of wealth or at least a good profit.

Seeing blood on someone else’s clothes means that you will feel guilt towards another person or you will borrow a large amount of money from him.

Seeing fully bloody tissue in a dream means that your enemies will make an insidious move that can interfere with your career.

A dream about clothes in blood means that you should not rely on new friends and flattering admirers. They clearly plotted something unkind.

If you had a dream that a room is literally flooded with blood, and there are bloody clothes everywhere, then this is a definite sign that a baby will appear in the family, who will become famous.

    In order to get better dream interpretation it is good to remember the details about blood:
  • Clean blood, a lot of it - money, benefit.
  • Bright-scarlet - health.
  • Dark - a disease.
  • Bright and dark - death of beloved person.
  • Light, as if diluted - care of distant relatives.
  • Your own blood - problems with home, close relatives.

If you saw someone else’s blood on your clothes, this is a symbol of a catastrophe that will not affect you personally, but will bring a lot of worries.

Menstrual blood in a dream for a woman is a sign of an extremely impartial act. Sometimes seeing menstrual marks predicts arrival of relatives or friends; it is also a sign of strange events related to the family.

Seeingmenstruation in a dream sometimes means that the time has come for internal development. A woman's blood on clothes can appear before distant relative's illness.

If a man sees his woman’s or wife’s monthly period this means that she can also become sick and the illness will be associated with heavy blood loss. Besides that this plot sometimes means happy course of events and profit.

Washing up blood on clothes predicts meeting with relatives. If you didn’t manage to wash the blood away in a dream, this sign means that you shouldn’t trust everything that other people are saying. Excessive suspicion and looking at someone else's opinion only complicates your life.

Sergii Haranenko

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