Lighter Dream Meaning

What is the lighter dream meaning? An ordinary lighter can be seen in a dream both as a signal of the intensity of personal relationships, and as an omen of profit. In order to decipher as accurately as possible what the object means in dreams, it is enough to recall the circumstances under which the lighter was used in a dream.

Seeing a lighter in a dream means receiving a warning about hot relationship in a team. A conflict is clearly brewing in the workplace, ready to flare up at any moment. Dream Interpretations recommend being patient and finding a compromise with colleagues. Besides that, dreaming about Zippo predicts worsening of your relations with others. You may also receive protection from an influential person.

If you dreamed that you were carving fire out of a lighter - wait for creative insight, or the coming of a muse at the most inopportune moment. Seeing or holding a burning lighter in your hands is a sign of an intensive work schedule.

Excessive sentimentality will wash over mature women if they see sparks in a dream. The heat that turns into flame, according to the interpretation of dream books, promises an avalanche of new feelings, a manifestation of kindness and mercy towards strangers. Such dreams are seen during a period of complete harmony with the world.

Freud's dream book warns of the heat of passion between you and a regular partner, if you dreamed of ordinary lighting. Burning sparks, carved by a lighter in this case, symbolize the upcoming hot sexual encounters.

A quickly extinguished lighter seen in a dream is a symbol of easy love and non-binding flirting. If you dreamed that the fire from the lighter shone for a long time - expect serious romantic adventures that will take all your free time and will not let you come to senses. Dream Interpretations recommend thinking about the distribution of time; otherwise you may not have time to do the main thing.

For a girl, seeing a burning lighter in a dream is a good sign. The time has come for success in the love field. If the device turns out to be broken in a dream, be careful - there is a risk of falling for the bait of a cunning person or womanizer.

The loss of a lighter, on the contrary, speaks of a coming reconciliation and restoration of close relationships that have failed in recent days.

If a young man dreamed of finding a lighter, this means he would be disappointed in love. Life will bring you to a scandalous woman who will be able to change the disposition of his beloved woman. Dream Interpretations warn: beware of committing treason, otherwise your connection will become public.

Finding a burning lighter in a dream is a sign of gossip and intrigue from the relatives of your soul mate. A non-working lighter in one’s hands speaks of insults and quarrels with childhood friends. The loss of a lighter, on the contrary, promises a quick restoration of former sympathies.

Life dissatisfaction, unsettled life usually lead to the fact that there is a need to light a cigarette, but the lighter is not found. Dream Interpretations warn: some difficulties are expected in the domestic sphere.

If you dreamed that you were giving someone a light, be prepared for an avalanche of good days. All things started during this period will end in your favor. If you received a lighter as a gift in a dream, this is a sign of unforeseen small expenses. If you presented it to someone, prepare your wallets - the management will please you with bonuses for a job well done.

    Top-5 negative dreams about lighter:
  • 1. A yellow lighter in dreams speaks of parting with a loved one.
  • 2. Dream of a black lighter – means you may be fired due to the intrigues of colleagues.
  • 3. Dropping the lighter – your plans might be disrupted.
  • 4. Throwing it away – symbolizes disappointment in the chosen profession.
  • 5. If you dreamed that you were presented with a lighter, this is a sign of self-doubt.
    What are the Top-5 positive dream plots with a lighter?
  • 1. A lighter in your pocket speaks of winning a large sum.
  • 2. Seeing a lighter on the table – means profitable cooperation.
  • 3. Buying a lighter in a dream – predicts winning the competition.
  • 4. Refueling it means a good investment of personal funds.
  • 5. Giving it to someone – is a sign of a useful acquaintance.

A green lighter seen in dreams predicts a period of calm; dreaming about a red lighter – warns of a dangerous situation; seeing a blue lighter – suggests anxiety and bad mood; if it was a dream about a purple lighter – this means you will attend an entertainment event.

Sergii Haranenko
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