Looking For Shoes Dream Meaning

If we consider dream shoes as a “foundation” that supports a person, it is quite logical to assume that the dream in which you happened to look for shoes can warn of a loss of stability and balance in life.

According to Miller’s dream book, if you dreamed that you were looking for shoes that you put somewhere yourself, it means that in reality you’re used to paying attention to minor details, that is, you don’t know how to concentrate.

Did you see in a dream that you managed to find the lost shoes? Rejoice - you can overcome difficulties. Did you find only one of them? It’s a bad thing, because such a vision means a quarrel with a loved one or even parting.

    You should also pay attention to whose shoes you are trying to find:
  • Looking for your own shoes – difficulties and holdbacks in your affairs;
  • Searching for your friend’s boots – someone will not let you fulfill your plans;
  • The child’s sandals are lost – pay attention to small problems;
  • You found the child’s shoes, but not yours but someone else’s – you underestimate someone from your surrounding;
  • Someone else’s sneakers predict travelling to new places.

Did you a dream that you lost one of your shoes? The Eastern Dream Book will help you get an answer to this dream: you cannot decide on any step, because you don’t feel self-confidence. But, if you managed to lose one of your shoes while running away from someone, this means you should be on your guard in reality, as this can be a kind of warning about danger.

Losing your shoe in a dream and finding someone else's instead is a sign of change, Lunar Dreambook predicts. If the shoe was attractive - wait for an exciting journey. But the worn-out shoe promises disappointment due to your own internal barriers. To look for your shoes and find it in a dream is a sign of measured life.

You can understand why you are searching for a second pair of shoes, exactly the same as you saw at your friend, with the help of Gypsy dream book. If you managed to buy a second pair of shoes - to the fulfillment of our plan; look for shoes, but not finding even a little bit similar pair - most likely you will have to change your plans.

Do you see in a dream that you are wandering the shops, searching for boots to replace the lost pair? Pay attention to your emotions in a dream. If you wanted to find boots similar to those you lost so much that you even burst into tears - to a reckless pastime. But, if the search was absolutely neutral (such as “I find - well, I can’t find - well, okay”), this means you will be very bored.

The interpretation of a dream, in which you work in a shoe store and lay out new shoes on the shelves every day, will please lovers of new clothes: a purchase made in the coming days will please you for a long time.

And if you dreamed that you were helping store customers choose a new suitable pair, this means you will discover some hitherto unknown talents soon.

Sergii Haranenko
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