Navel Dream Meaning

A navel in a dream symbolizes the beginning of life, vital energy, as well as sources of joy, which increase interest in life and the ability to enjoy it. Dream interpretation believes that everything related to any damage to this part of the body should be considered a warning of impending trouble. Excessive narcissism with a naked belly speaks of carelessness, which can also lead to trouble. A number of popular plots testify to a healthy perception of yourself and your place under the sun.

Esoteric dreambook explains what dreams that navel came undone mean. A dream indicates a leak of energy. It is possible that as a result of the magical effects, a gap was formed in the aura of the dreamer, through which the vital forces flow.

In reality, this may be reflected as follows. If you dreamed that the belly button was untied, you should take care of the safety of your property in the near future. Material values, especially the most expensive to the dreamer, are also associated with his energy cover.

In a dream in which the navel is untied or blood appears in its area, there is also a physiological background. The plot is often caused by pain, yet imperceptible in reality.

Those you are worried for their relatives can also see blood coming from the belly button. The dreambook warns that unfortunately, there is a reason for worries.

There is another explanation for what dreams of blood from the navel mean. The dignity of a dreamer can be seriously hurt.

When it happens to dream about the absence of the navel in its proper place, the interpretation of dreams asserts that a bit of healthy selfishness would not harm the dreamer.

If one of those who are in love happens to see his soul mate with a pierced navel, this means there is reason for jealousy. The dreambooks recommend revising your attitude to the object of passion.

The pierced belly button reflects the secret dream to return to childhood, to become infinitely loved and attractive once again.

Piercing your own navel in a dream happens to those who strive to increase their own significance at any cost, to become a kind of "navel of the earth."

Dreams of an unnaturally large navel embody an irrepressible craving for pleasure and entertainment. Such bursts of carelessness in reality can lead to loss of earnings, health problems or in relations with relatives.

If you dreamed that this body part came out and became of an indecent size, the dreambook calls you to think about whether you assess yourself adequately. It is not excluded that your claims of importance cause only a condescending mockery of others. A dream sometimes means that something alien to you is constantly being present or intervening.

The interpretation of dreams in which the navel emerged mentions the energetic connection with the family and the natural need for it.

According to Miller, if you saw a dream about your belly button, it means that in reality you work a lot on yourself. And this is not a tribute to society, but a sincere desire to make your spiritual world richer.

If you had a kiss in the navel, a symbol in a dream indicates an unconscious desire to return to your roots. Maybe you will have to improve relations with parents and senior relatives, or learn old family secrets.

If you dream of a branch or a flower growing from the point of connection with the umbilical cord, the dream book explains this symbol with a rich heritage: good health, excellent genetics, a baggage of knowledge, an attractive appearance.

Sergii Haranenko
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