Umbilical Cord Dream Meaning

What dreams of the umbilical cord mean? Dream interpretation calls it a symbol of dependence on someone, communication with people, as well as connection you’re your project. Such a vision in a dream speaks of the desire for independence, or vice versa, fear of it. This sign also indicates: circumstances or other persons have a strong effect on the sleeper.

What is the meaning of dreams about being connected with someone with the umbilical cord? Dream interpretation stresses: you are very dependent on this person, but you are burdened by this submission. If you dreamed of holding it in order to cut? This shows the desire to stop the situation, to become completely different.

Seeing yourself at someone's birth and helping to cut the umbilical cord is to help someone achieve greater autonomy. The interpretation of such dream may be as follows: the dreamer is very worried that he will have to solve his own problems. He is afraid of this, because he is not sure of his abilities to overcome difficulties properly.

    The dreambooks take into account the details of the dream:
  • Cutting umbilical cord – getting freedom, a chance to live not considering other people’s opinion;
  • Baby tangled in cord – confused situation with third parties;
  • Uncut umbilical cord – some circumstances influence the dreamer holding him in frames or at the same position;
  • Tying it holding the baby in your hands – financial problems are possible.

Also, a child with an uncut umbilical cord in a dream may herald dependence on others, which can not be overcome. Tying a baby’s cord means helping someone to gain confidence, increase self-esteem.

The dream story is also interpreted as a connection between the author and his brainchild (initiatives, ideas). Therefore, if there are any complications relating to it in a dream, it means that there will be problems in reality when the plan is fulfilled. When the cord was neatly cut, this means the project is able to begin to exist independently, regardless of its creator.

What dream of the birth of a healthy boy, but entwined with an umbilical cord means? According to the dream book, you will have to do some work on a very important project that promises lasting consequences, but difficulties will arise.

In a dream, to give birth to a boy and see the cord that binds you together reflects your desire to have a child.

If a man dreamed about cutting of the umbilical cord, this means: he is independent, self-sufficient. If there are some difficulties - dream book warns about the difficulties with his undertakings.

To see such a dream during pregnancy means different nuances, possible during childbirth. So, if the baby is entangled in it - great difficulties are coming. Carefully cut cord - the pregnancy will end in a safe birth.

If the cord was turned around the baby’s neck in a dream, this is a sign of very serious difficulties in relationships with people whose influence the dreamer succumbs to.

If the baby was not separated from mother in a dream, this shows your strong emotional connection with parents.

If you dreamed of giving birth to a girl, but there were some difficulties with the umbilical cord, this is a warning about future serious difficulties for the daughter.

Sergii Haranenko
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