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Interpretation of a dream about quarantine

Seeing yourself in quarantine indicates ban of contacts with you on a reason that you do not understand. During the quarantine it is considered that solitude should be for your good. Such dreams are usually caused by necessity of purification and renewal of your soul.

According to other interpretation quarantine in a dream is provided with educational purposes. If you have contradictory feelings about morale and ethics of your decisions in some situation in real life, your subconscious may put you to quarantine to find the way out of the situation. The dream may also reflect malicious intrigues of your ill-wishers. It is quite possible that the dreamer needs to show the society that he is absolutely “healthy” in all his decisions and he is looking for a way to make people understand him.

If you had a dream about quarantine in some building, the dream means that even your most hidden plans will be fulfilled but you will need much more time than you expected.