Radiation Dream Meaning

What it means if you see dreams about radiation? The dream book explains such plots with secret fears and emotions, to which the sleeping person tries not to attach importance to everyday life. An important role in decoding is played by thoughts and actions, the scene, the cause of the disaster. Radiation seen in a dream portends significant events and sometimes serves as a signal of problems for loved ones.

Miller's dream book offers several interpretations of what radiation represents in dreams. If you dream of a nuclear mushroom cloud, the dreamer will be covered with passion or a sudden incident will force you reconsider your life values.

A warning of a radiation hazard in a dream indicates emotional or intellectual overwork. Seeing an explosion and fire happens to those who have something to hide. Do not worry, this time you will manage to get away with the trick.

The dream books contain many explanations of a nuclear explosion portends. This frightening image often symbolizes the news. When one happens to learn about the disaster, but not see it with your own eyes, the news will be disappointing.

If a woman dreamed of a nuclear explosion, the Eastern Dream Book explains the symbol with her state of active search. To see a mushroom cloud carrying radiation happens at the background of bad health state: fatigue or slight malaise is possible.

A blast wave in a dream warns of a major disappointment in one of your friends. When the radiation cloud in a dream bypasses, in reality you will avoid great danger.

    The dream interpreter explains in detail why this or that turn of events related to radiation is seen in a dream:
  • If you dreamed about radiation zone, in reality you do not realize the magnitude of the impending disaster;
  • In a dream, listening to report on the threat of radiation can happen in a state of alarm;
  • Radiation sickness portends great consternation in reality;
  • Are you not afraid of exposure? In reality, you are quite self-confident;
  • If in a dream you happened to see yourself in protective ammunition, this means a real life test awaits you;
  • When you dreamed of falling under acid rain, this means new responsibilities would appear.

Dream Interpretation also associates radiation with the state of financial affairs. It is not the right time relying on fortune. Some unforeseen circumstance threatens to unsettle the entrepreneur for a long time.

Major losses due to own oversight are possible. Objects that appear in a dream as being affected by radiation will help determine where the weak link in the business is.

From the Modern Interpreter you can find out why the pregnant woman is dreaming about radiation. Often what is seen in a dream is explained by toxicosis, swelling and other symptoms typical of the period of expectation of the baby. Conventional preventive measures will help improve the woman’s well-being.

The Esoteric interpreter considers it an unfavorable sign if there were victims and destruction in a dream. In real life, someone close to you will faces a disease.

If you dream about how you leave the city infected with radiation, this means that in reality you are no used to doubts. The increased radiation background in your own dwelling suggests that you are uncomfortable at home in real life.

When one managed to find himself at the epicenter and suffer greatly, the medium Hasse promises the dreamer scandalous fame. Other dream books portend a sense of hopelessness, and it is quite possible that it is unreasonable.

The 21st Century Dream Interpretation offers an interesting interpretation of a dream about panic caused by reports of increased radiation. It seems that the dreamer is tired of communication and wants to be alone.

If you happen to see an atomic mushroom cloud, an unexpected event will plunge you into shock. The inability to leave the exposure zone means a crisis in relations with others and even with yourself. If you dreamed about how a friend was hurt, the dream book says that he now needs some help.

Not seeing signs of radiation, but knowing for sure about the danger can happen in a state of depression.

In the predictions of why radiation is seen in dream, the dreamer's actions play an important role. If he rushes away in a panic, the Psychoanalytic dream book asserts that the plot is inspired by fear of a strong adversary.

If you dreamed that you used nuclear weapons, there is a high probability of an unfair accusation or a big scandal from scratch.

When in a dream you happened to shoot a report about the incident, this means it is very easy to destroy valuable relations for a sleeping person in the near future.

Dreams of being a lifeguard can be understood literally: you will have a chance to help out the one you love. For EMERCOM employees this is a reverse plot: in the near future you will not have to deal with radiation.

Sergii Haranenko
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