Epidemic Dream Meaning

Why do you dream of a terrible epidemic? With the same probability there will be a scandal, a real deterioration in health or other life troubles. The same plot calls in a dream for a global revision of values. Dream interpretation offers a more detailed description.

Did you dream that you learned about some contagious pandemic? The dreambook of Miller warns of overwork and numerous troubles. Sometimes this plot warns that a loved one will get sick.

What is the meaning of an epidemic in general in dreams? If you do not want to lose your mental strength, then try not to take obligations and not take on several tasks at once.

If you dreamed that you got a dangerous infection, dream interpretation believes that you are plunging into a truly grandiose scandal.

The global pandemic and plenty of people getting sick in a dream literally means that you urgently need to change your life priorities; otherwise you will not escape a big disaster.

Did you dream of an epidemic of some kind of disease? Your actions will catastrophically go wrong, and your own wife or girlfriend will add you a headache with their unbearable behavior.

Why do you dream that you personally became a victim of a serious illness? Contrary to all sad expectations, the dream book gives a favorable interpretation of such a dream. Showing the miracles of your intelligence, you will be able to complete the work you have begun, however, after that you will find yourself at the peak of nervous exhaustion.

It’s bad to see if you take measures in a dream in order to protect yourself from a dangerous disease. A trouble will happen that you did not even suspect.

    For a better understanding of the dream image, the dream book advises you to take into account which particular illness the population is facing in your dream.
  • The typhoid epidemic in a dream means an unsuccessful outcome.
  • Mild viral infection pandemic – success, prosperity.
  • Jaundice pandemic – is a symbol of universal envy.
  • Cancer epidemic – means total destruction in various areas of life.
  • AIDS pandemic – means meanness, danger.

Why do you dream of plague epidemic? Get ready for serious problems at work. At the same time, a massive plague infection in a dream indicates the successful implementation of a plan.

Did you dream that cholera literally mowed down the entire population? Dream Interpretation advises to take security measures in reality: there is a risk of catching a viral cold.

It’s good to see people with an ailment around, but at the same time to be completely healthy. This means you will withstand prolonged confrontation and competition. After such a vision, women should avoid temptations.

In a dream, did an epidemic grip the city? Dream Interpretation suspects that you are voluntarily embarking on a risky venture and will suffer major losses. Try not to listen to the advice of others in the near future, otherwise you will pay for your own credulity.

Did you dream that you were terribly afraid of getting infected? This means that in real life you will have to make a choice, on which your further fate directly depends.

Why do you dream of the death of others as a result of the epidemic? It is a symbol of spiritual purification, insight and joy. The dream of universal pest predicts wealth, prosperity and earthly happiness.

Did you see people dying from the epidemic? Alas, some dream books predict a real disaster. Perhaps you will witness some kind of disaster.

If a strange epidemic turns people into zombies in front of your eyes, this means you undergo some kind of magical attack in a dream. The same plot hints at the need to get rid of negative emotions and bad habits that can destroy you.

Sergii Haranenko
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