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Queue Dream Meaning

A dream about standing in a queue is a sign that you have to take a better look at events taking place around you and analyze your own behavior. The dreambooks think that this is a good way to prevent trouble and not make mistakes. If you see yourself in a long queue of people that is moving very slowly, this image indicates that something is remained unsaid in your life. There is a possibility that you have unsolved issues with some people. There is no point postponing the inevitable; the talk will take place anyway and the sooner it happens the more aggressive your opponent will take it.

If you got a place in a queue in a shop and left for other issues, the dreambooks advise you not starting several issues at the same time. You should better finish one task properly and start the other one. If you saw a dream about people in queue behave aggressively and start a fight, this means there will be an extraordinary event in your life. You do not expect this at all and the event will completely shock you.

If you see a queue of people in a dream, mostly probable you are being very impatient. The Wanderer’s dreambook recommends working on your features of character and becoming a calmer person because haste often causes mistakes. A queue of people can also be a symbol that the way to your goal will be a long one. If there are just several people in a queue at the shop, this is a promise of gaining your goal soon. If you happened to be in the middle of a long queue in a dream this dream means that you are in restrained life circumstances at the moment. It will be not easy to find the way out of a dead end but you shouldn’t lose hope and should keep trying.

If you were at the beginning of the line in canteen, this represents victory over your business rivals. Thanks to your innovative idea we will be able to hold the leading positions in business. If you wanted to use the bathroom but it was closed and there was a line of people, you should get prepared to misunderstandings with your partner. It is a sign of scandals, arguing, quarrels or even betrayal. If the line to a doctor was not moving, this dream indicates you will have to pay attention to your health. If you saw a friend or relative in a line to a doctor’s office, this person will be the one who will need medical treatment in reality.

If you thought that you were standing in a queue to a marriage registry office, but happened to be in a toilet line, you will have to worry because of your doubts about your decision. If you were the first in the line to registry office, you will regret making an ill-considered action. A queue to paradise means you will have to fight for your happiness.

Sergii Haranenko

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