Shopping Mall Dream Meaning

If you saw a dream about shopping mall the dreambooks consider this plot meaning that you will find inner potential to implement your wishes into reality. It means you are looking for answers to your questions at the right place.

A shopping mall is a symbol of variety of choices, the chance to satisfy your requests and desires.

A visit to the mall speaks about your purchasing ability. Pay attention to the products you are most interested in. They are essential for the interpretation of your dream.

If the employees of the shopping center whom you met on the way are familiar to you, it means that you feel obliged to someone, or someone expects you to do something.

The goods you are interested in are present in abundance on the shelves or absent at all, this is a symbol of balance or lack of it at certain points in your life. Employees of the mall can not help you find the right product - do not expect help from the outside; you should add your internal resources for personal growth.

According to Miller, if there is abundance of goods on the shelves of the mall, this is a symbol of success and additional sources of profit.

If the shop windows are empty, such dream predicts quarrels, squabbles, unsuccessful attempts to achieve your goals. If you bought something, then your business will rapidly go uphill thanks to external support (friends, relatives). To dream of a clean area of a grocery supermarket is a sign of streamlined, full of comfort life.

If the supermarket was empty, Miss Hasse’s dreambook predicts unpleasant news. If it was full, this image brings unexpected improvement in financial position; you will soon have a successful trip.

Esoteric dreambook interprets a dream about being in the shopping center and making purchases means material expenses, monetary losses, unsuccessful transaction.

Sergii Haranenko
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