Many People Dream Meaning

The opinions of dream books on what many people symbolize in a dream of are divided. Some believe that such visions can not promise anything optimistic, while others are confident - the dream about a crowd of people predicts activity and diversity. You can find out which of the interpreters gives the most accurate answers by recalling the details of a dream: what these people did and what they looked like in a dream.

To dream about a lot of people, according to Miller, means loss of independence and unwillingness to cope with problems alone. But, if a lot of beautiful young people have been seen in a dream, then you can expect an increase in your own activity and industriousness.

If you dreamed that you were watching a crowd of people storm the concert hall? Be prepared for unforeseen complications with colleagues, because in most cases such dreams mean misunderstanding with the team due to the diversity of views and tastes.

    Depending on where exactly you saw a lot of people gathered, the interpretation of a dream may change. Here, for example, why huge crowds are seen in a dream:
  • in the apartment - predicts arrival of guests;
  • at a concert - you will have a boring pastime;
  • in the yard - your life will be perky;
  • on the beach - a memorable vacation;
  • in the queue - you will get good news about an old friend;
  • at the meeting - you have to make a decision, but you hesitate;
  • on a country road - you will be lucky on a business trip;
  • at work - promotion;
  • at the funeral - it's time to tell your loved ones about your secrets.

You will be able to maintain friendly relations with friends, the dream book of Pastor Loff predicts to those who saw a lot of people in a dream, each of whom he is very good familiar with. And if you dreamed about a very large crowd of acquaintances at a holiday, then this suggests that, despite the gossip and unflattering reviews of envious people, you will be able to achieve what you want.

Why does a woman dream of a large number of close male acquaintances? As Medea's dream book assures, this is a harbinger of a new romantic relationship.

If you experienced discomfort seeing many unfamiliar people around you in a dream, according to the version of Freud's dream book, you will feel a desire to experiment in love joys soon.

And here, the Gypsy interpreter of dreams interprets a dream, in which you saw unfamiliar visitors in a room at a table differently. Get ready to receive unwanted guests. To see that an unfamiliar guy has separated from the group of “sitting people” and moved towards you – this is a sign of correct calculation in an important matter.

The Eastern Dream Book offers its own answer to the question of why a lot of close people are seen in a dream. If you dreamed that a large family gathered in the house of the oldest member of the family and organized a feast, this suggests that you have to prepare for some important and significant event.

Do you see in a dream many sleeping guests in the house of a distant relative? You are confused in some problems, but no one is in a hurry to help you. And the vision that a huge number of old ladies unknown to you has settled in your brother’s house, prophesies taking a wise decision.

If you dreamed of a lot of people praying in a church or in a cemetery at the grave, this means that you will be able to avoid temptations and mistakes, the Moon Dreambook pleases. Anyone who saw in a dream that he was one from the crowd meeting the train at the station should be careful on the way.

Remember, if in a dream you are in the clubhouse, not only watching women who dance and sing, but also taking part in it, then you will be able to get out of a predicament soon, the Islamic Dream Book says. And if the room was full of drunken people, beware of giving advice.

Why do you have a dream in which you see a lot of people swimming in the sea with you, Tsvetkov’s dream book will explain: to see naked children and adults without clothes – is a sign of gossip; if everyone was in swimsuits – there will be some fun.

A very bad dream is the one in which you see dead people or people in blood. Most dream books tend to believe that such visions predict major troubles. Why dream that the corpses of the dead are lying around anywhere, Longo's dream book will tell: you are afraid of something that can not be comprehended.

A mass injure in a car accident in a dream is a harbinger of an unsuccessful trip.

If you dreamed that you found many people killed by the tsunami on the seashore? You will find disappointment in ideals and tears.

Killing people in a dream is a sign of a series of serious difficulties; and here, to find men and women already killed by someone is a symbol of a disease that can develop into a chronic one, and even with complications if it is not take care of, the White Magician dream book portends.

Sergii Haranenko
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