Quran Dream Meaning

What is the dream about Koran spiritual meaning? Dreaming about Qur’an predicts health and mood improvement. Besides that, this image in a dream predicts victory in competitions or competitive struggle.

Seeing the Koran in your hands in a dream predicts a period of calm.

Dream about reading Quran is a sign of self-improvement.

According to the Eastern Dream Book, such a dream predicts a long journey. Seeing someone reading the Koran is a sign of trouble, this dreambook thinks

Buying a Koran book in a dream indicates the opportunity to correct the error; breaking it is a sign of bad mood.

What are the Top-5 negative Quran dream meanings?

  • Dropping the Koran in a dream means material difficulties.
  • Stealing the Qur’an - sign of apathy.
  • Quran with blank pages - hypocrisy on the part of a loved one.
  • Dirty Koran in a dream - danger.
  • Quran drenched in blood - trouble.

What are the Top-5 positive dreams about Quran?

  • The new Koran in a dream means joy.
  • Antique Qur’an - symbolizes wealth.
  • Big Koran - prosperity.
  • Buying the Koran - success in all matters.
  • Receiving Qur’an as a gift - happiness.

According to the Muslim dream book, such a dream is a symbol of the dreamer's wisdom.

    Additional interpretations of Koran by Muslim dreambook:
  • reading ayat al-Kursi in the Koran is a dream meaning well-being;
  • reading Sura Al-Fatiha - good news;
  • reading Sura Al-Ikhlas - making the right decision;
  • dream of the Koran in the mosque - the emergence of an influential patron;
  • seeing a Koran at home - vain chores.

According to the Islamic dream book, dreaming about Quran portends an important event in life.

    Other interpretations by Islamic dreambook:
  • the Quran with handwritten pages means receiving valuable information;
  • Koran with printed pages - achieving the goal;
  • Koran with empty pages - disappointment and tears.
  • seeing a Koran on the floor - grief in the family;
  • Qur’an on the table - a period of troubles and losses.
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