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God Dream Meaning

Why do you dream about God? It's no secret that when a person feels bad, he looks for consolation in something that he believes in. For some people it is alcohol, for some – a certified psychologist, for some – a friend's shoulder, for others – it’s God! Not everyone recognizes his existence, but in difficult times, almost everyone cries out: "God, why did I deserve this?" The question, of course, may seem rhetorical, but not for everyone. There are people who sincerely believe in the Most High! They pray to him, make sacrifices, and talk to Lord in their dreams. And the Lord answers them, also in a dream.

Seeing an ancient icon of Jesus Christ means you need protection and patronage in waking life. Do not hesitate, ask for help from those in power.

If someone prays to God in a dream – this means he will ask for help and protection from the patron in reality.

If you dreamed that you see God praying – this means you have done an impartial act, which you greatly regret. Do not cheat yourself, repent and ask for forgiveness from those who have been offended.

What does it mean if you see God in a dream? If you dreamed that you were the Lord, and you are sitting high in the sky above the clouds and, looking down, you see many people asking for protection – this plot means someone close to you will need help. Do not neglect friends, help, no matter how difficult it is for you.

If you dreamed that you were observing the appearance of God in front of people – this means you will have the opportunity to believe in miracles in reality. A pleasant surprise awaits you.

If you dream that you saw two angels talking to each other in a dream – this image means you will hear some news. Depending on what kind of angels they are – angels of light or darkness, the news will be corresponding. Light cherubs - news will delight you, dark angels of death - the news will be bad.

Did you dream about someone from mythology? Seeing Zeus in a dream is a symbol of bad mood. All week long you will be "throwing lightning" at others.

If you have a dream that you are standing near a raging sea and hear the voice of Poseidon shouting at you – this image means you should postpone your upcoming vacation trip for a couple of days. Otherwise, you will end up with trouble.

What does it mean if you were talking to Gods in a drream? Talking to Athena in a dream – means some kind of test awaits you: check, exam, certification, etc., the Gypsy dream book warns.

If you dreamed that you hear the conversation of the god Hades and the goddess Persephone, arguing about something – this means you will have a quarrel with your marriage partner or loved one.

Praying to Hephaestus in a dream – is a sign that you will face everyday difficulties in reality. Perhaps it will be some kind of accident or breakdown of something.

Hearing the voice and merry chants of the god Dionysus is a sign of merry feast in the company of friends.

To thank Ares for help in a dream means to "embark on the warpath" in real life. Someone has made you very angry and offended you, and now you want to get revenge. Think about whether you need such a relationship, perhaps it is better to just stop communicating with the abuser, without bringing the situation to conflict.

Being Apollo or Aphrodite in a dream – means you are not completely satisfied with your appearance in waking life, so you look for ways to change something in yourself. Try to change the style of clothing for a start, Medea's dream book suggests.

If you dreamed that you are talking with the Lord, this image means your boss will want to talk to you. Remember what your conversation with God was about you will talk about with your superiors, about the same issue.

If you dream that you hear the voice of the almighty, but do not answer it - in reality you will meet an influential person who will have a great influence on your life. Whether it is good or bad – you decide.

If you dreamed that you were looking at sculptures of Egyptian gods, this plot is a sign that you have a long trip ahead, most likely a business trip, Miller's dream book suggests.

To ask for forgiveness from the Lord God - you are offended by someone, and you expect the offender to take the first step towards reconciliation, the dream book of the Eastern sages suggests.

Calling and talking to the Holy Trinity in a dream – is a sign that your company has become uninteresting to you, you feel like being "close-minded" or, on the contrary, a "nerd" with them. Stop communicating with them for a while and you will soon realize that you are bored without them.

Sergii Haranenko

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