Silver Earrings Dream Meaning

What is the spiritual meaning of wearing silver earrings in a dream? So, if you dreamed of silver jewelry worn in your own ears, this means that in the near future you will perceive everything that is happening around you very close to your heart.

There is an interesting dream explanation: many identical silver earrings in a dream are a symbol that you are surrounded by flatterers. You should learn to distinguish sincere admiration from false speeches, the dream book advises.

Dreaming about beautiful old silver earrings means peace of mind and confidence in the future, says the Eastern Dream Book. Moreover, the larger the earrings are, the calmer and more confident you will feel.

And if you also see a beautiful silver ring as a set with earrings, it means that you will "infect" the people around you with your confidence, especially those close to you. Such dreams, seen on the eve of an important celebration, symbolize the success of your plans.

If you dreamed that you received beautiful silver earrings as a gift, this is a sign that you should not rush to believe everything people say. It is better to clarify the details from the original source before reacting to everything you hear. This is especially true for those dreams in which you received jewelry as a gift from an enemy or an envious person.

Finding small silver earrings in a dream is a sign of good news. Moreover, the more valuable the find is, the more important the news will be, suggests the Summer Dream Book.

What does it mean if you dream that you have found earrings that you lost a long time ago? Good luck will smile at you at the moment when everything seems impossible. It is also very good to find in a dream the lost silver earrings that an elderly relative gave you. This means that good luck will accompany you for a long time, the dream books delight.

Buying silver earrings for yourself, choosing them for a long time is a sign of disorder in your own life. You are too disorganized, but you are comfortable in this state, you feel joy and lightness. Did you see in a dream what you bought and donated silver jewelry? The person to whom you presented the earrings in a dream will help you "put things in order" in your life.

And explaining why one dreams of trying on ear jewelry, the dream books predict the following: you are very curious; you are interested in literally every little thing, especially other people's secrets. Although in some cases such stories can be interpreted as craving for knowledge, attempts to understand what is not completely clear to you.

To dream that you have lost your silver earrings is a sign of real losses. Beware of robbery and unnecessary spending, which can be caused by a lack of attention to your own safety, as well as poor awareness.

In a dream, did you happen to lose someone else's earrings? This vision prophesies a quarrel with the girl whose pendants you lost, Vanga's dream book warns. Try to stop all conflicts after such a dream, if, of course, you care about this girl and communication with her.

    Deciphering what silver earrings symbolize in a dream, remember how they looked. Perhaps they were with stones, or maybe with another precious metal. Here are the explanations given by dream books if you dreamed about earrings:
  • silver earrings with a precious stone - a successful marriage, patronage;
  • silver earrings with a gemstone - the fun will be with you for a long time;
  • silver earrings with a rhinestone - remove liars from your life;
  • silver earrings with gold - your prosperity will grow;
  • silver earrings with pearls - symbol of tears.
Sergii Haranenko
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