Rhinestones Dream Meaning

What dreams of rhinestones mean? These decorations in a dream promise an expensive gift, unexpected luck, pleasant entertainment, the success of many undertakings. But the dream also has other interpretations: waste, tears, the collapse of hope, deception.

If you dreamed of clothes decorated with rhinestones, this means you know how to splurge, only you don’t need to get too carried away with it. One day the truth, going against beautiful fictions, will come out.

For a girl to see herself in a dream in an elegant dress with expensive Swarovski rhinestones means: at a certain event she will look irresistible and arouse affection of admirers.

What it means to glue them on clothes? Embellishing your achievements or actions, you should know when to stop.

Did you stick rhinestones on your nails? You will soon get an expensive welcome gift from an admirer or husband.

If you dreamed of sewing them to a dress or sweater, dream interpretation says: you will get to know the company of cheerful people, make friends with them.

    You should also take into account your actions with the crystals:
  • Buying – money waste in vain;
  • Received as a gift – the person you like will reject you;
  • You gave them to someone – interesting acquaintance;
  • Were holding them in your hands – pleasant entertainment.

Why do we dream of an outfit, beautifully decorated with expensive rhinestones? Dream Interpretation promises: in reality, your level of well-being will increase significantly. Perhaps there will be income from an additional source.

For a young girl to try on a dress decorated with rhinestones in a dream means: she will soon have a marriage of convenience with a rich and powerful person. If she makes an effort - the marriage will be quite successful.

If a man dreamed of rhinestones, this means he is warned, according to the dream book, about links with dissolute women, avid for gifts. Charming ladies very skillfully pull money out of their admirer, who will not notice how he looses a fortune.

For a young man, such a vision in a dream about cheap glass crystals suggests thinking about his erratic connections and equally erratic spending. It is time to get hold of yourself and prefer one woman to others.

What is the meaning of a dream of getting a gift of rhinestones under the guise of jewelry? The image warns of deception, betrayal. The dreamer needs to look at her partner - he may not be what he wants to look like.

Rhinestones in a dream foreshadow unexpected luck in all undertakings. It will be possible to carry out the most daring ideas – you will succeed in everything.

Did you dream of large rhinestones? Dream interpretation is encouraging: you will find a great success in many areas. It is only necessary to be able to preserve its results, not wasting on trifles.

    The dreambooks also take into account what was decorated with rhinestones:
  • Clothes – you are used to be satisfied with little in your wishes;
  • Shoes – not lasting acquiring;
  • Wedding veil – you will be crying;
  • Hairpin – you will make some purchases;
  • Nails – you will get profit;
  • Face – your hopes will fail.
Sergii Haranenko
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