Black Snake Dream Meaning

Black snake

What is the meaning of a black snake seen in a dream? Interpretation of a symbol of black snake seen in a dream are often ambiguous. The dreambooks warn that the dreamer will have to solve a tricky riddle in reality. The right decision will lead to a qualitatively new level, an error can lead to a complete collapse. According to some interpreters, the black snake dream meaning is a warning of danger and bad luck. Besides that you should be ready for betrayal on the part of someone close to you.

According to Miller, seeing a small black snake in a dream is a sign of ingratitude and slander from the person you cared a lot about.

If a big black snake was seen in a dream, this means that real life has prepared a serious lesson for you, according to Aesop. You will have to face the test, prepared by someone from the inner circle.

What does a black snake chasing you in a dream mean? A chasing black snake portends danger, evil and loss. If the black snake is also very large, the dream warns of great evil that is approaching the dreamer and will change his life. If this is a biblical serpent (snake) chasing you, it symbolizes deceit, evil and the fall.

Being chased by a black snake in a dream is also a sign of treason.

The dreambooks think that if you are chasing a black snake in a dream, it means you are ready for active sex.

Vanga states that a big black viper seen in a dream symbolizes great responsibility. The dreamer or someone he cares about will have a difficult time.

Black snake crawling

Esoteric dreambook offers an unusual interpretation of a dream about huge black snake. Not depending on whether the dreamer wants it or not he will have fulfill some important mission. In order to do this he will have to overcome his fears first of all.

Nostradamus states that if a black snake attacks you in a dream, you should be ready for losses and troubles. You can also happen to be in the center of huge scandal.

According to Miller, a black asp attacking you in a dream means that the worst enemies are your fears, uncertainty and low self-esteem. It will soon became clear that the anxiety was groundless, the indisposition did not represent a serious danger, and the surrounding people are of a very high opinion of you.

If you saw how a black snake bites another person, perhaps in reality you are making excessive demands on the bitten in a dream. This approach does not promote good relationships.

Small black snakes seen in dreams represent internal psychological problems. The interpreter advises to work on oneself, in order to prevent self-destruction of the individual. Perhaps the dream about small black snake indicates a subconscious feeling of guilt about something that needs atonement.

According to the Esoteric version, to see a lot of small black snakes in a dream indicates evidence of feelings associated with internal discord, discord with oneself, spiritual disharmony.

The Ancient dreambook considers a black snake’s bite a symbol of a blind date.

A dream about black snake’s bite is usually a hint about where you should look for for the reason of your troubles. One of those people whom you used to trust creates problems for you. Dream Interpretation warns that the enemy is superior to you. Do not expect to win in open battle, use sly tactics.

The Chinese dreambooks consider a black snake’s bite a symbol of getting wealth. Another interpretation by these interpreters is that the sleeper is awaiting promotion, he will occupy a high position and will significantly improve social status.

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Brief black snake dream meanings depending on the plot details.

  • shiny black snake - means favorable life changes;
  • black water snake - warns of an accident during rest;
  • talking black snake - the disclosure of the secrets of the dreamer by ill-wishers;
  • large black snake - sign of causeless anxiety;
  • kind black snake - promises the appearance of a true friend;
  • black snake stinging someone - warns about a household trauma;
  • small black snake - sign of demotion;
  • black rattle snake - means communicating with a two-faced person;
  • long black snake - promises the return the old debt to the dreamer;
  • short black snake in a dream - sign of dissatisfaction with the intimate life;
  • dream about a fat black snake - predicts income increase;
  • thin black snake - deterioration in the financial situation;
  • black snake crawling away - shows unwillingness to take responsibility for anything;
  • poisonous black snake - sign of big trouble;
  • pet black snake - means conflicts with relatives due to inheritance;
  • hairy black snake in a dream - predicts an unplanned trip;
  • dead black snake - means the risk of becoming a victim of scammers;
  • black snake with yellow spots - promises changing the image;
  • black snake with two tails - promises the emergence of a new creative idea.

What were your actions with the snake in a dream?

  • fighting a black snake - means a fight with a stranger;
  • holding a black snake in your hands - predicts the fulfillment of a childhood dream;
  • a dream of stroking a black snake - means reconciliation with enemies;
  • if you were strangling a black snake in a dream - this means winning the competition;
  • catching a black snake in a dream - means overcoming obstacles on the way to the goal;
  • running away from the black snake - is a symbol of apathy;
  • stepping on a black snake in a dream - promises a valuable find;
  • cutting off the snake's head - means paying off all debts;
  • killing a black snake with a knife in a dream - symbolizes intrigues at work.

Where did you see the black snake in your dream?

  • black snake in the bathroom - means giving up bad habits;
  • black snake in a cage - symbolizes unrequited love;
  • black snake in a bag - the lack of prospects at work;
  • black snake in the grass - warns of the loss of documents;
  • black snake at sea - promises a long-awaited vacation;
  • black snake in the yard - means the need to help children;
  • black snake in the house - a family holiday;
  • black snake in the apartment - bad news from relatives;
  • black snake in bed - is a symbol of a passionate romance;
  • black snake on the ceiling - means an unexpected meeting;
  • black snake on the road - warns of an unsuccessful trip;
  • black snake in the cemetery - promises a long life;
  • black snake on a tree - means appropriation of other people's merits;
  • black snake in the dreamer's hair - is a sign of workload;
  • black snake on the stomach - an unsuccessful love relationship;
  • black snake on the neck - jealousy on the part of the partner;
  • black snake on the shoulder - meeting an influential person;
  • black snake at your feet - warns of an exacerbation of a chronic disease;
  • black snake in the river - struggle for leadership in the team;
  • black snake in clear water - the need to make a difficult choice.

What was the snake doing in your dream?

  • black snake rushes at your friend - predicts a quarrel with him;
  • black snake jumping in a dream - means problems due to one's temper;
  • black snake strangles a rat in a dream - means improving relations in the work team;
  • dream of a sleeping black snake - means having a rest alone;
  • black snake swimming in the water - predicts a sea voyage;
  • black snake attacks a child - an accident in the family;
  • black snake crawls out from under the bed and hisses - means committing a mean act;
  • black snake trying to bite - predicts a slight malaise;
  • black snake wraps around - sign of a nervous breakdown;
  • black snake falling - means the loss of work;
  • if a black snake bites your mother in a dream - this means the need to visit your parents.

What are the Top-5 negative dreams of black snake?

  • A multi-headed black snake in dreams predicts the appearance of strong enemies.
  • A black snake spitting poison - means gossip from colleagues.
  • Receiving a black reptile as a gift - promises the visit of an unpleasant guest.
  • Feeding a black snake is a sign of unjustified risk.
  • Falling into a hole with black snakes in a dream - warns a serious illness.

List of Top-5 positive plots about seeing black snake in dream.

  • A blind black snake in a dream promises career growth.
  • Hissing black snake - may mean a quick solution to a complex problem.
  • Catching a black cobra in a dream - means getting rid of fears.
  • If you dreamed that the snake stung your neck, this image may symbolize improving your well-being.
  • Snake biting your hand in a dream - symbolizes victory over the enemy.
Sergii Haranenko
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