Sniper Dream Meaning

People who had a chance to meet a sniper in a dream need to take care of their own safety, because the dreaming character informs about secret enemies. The dreambook foreshadows improvement of material well-being, bypassing your conscience, interpreting what the meaning of a shooter in a dream. Perhaps the time has come to hope for a good luck.

Miller associates a shooter in a dream with a person who knows how to manipulate you. Seeing yourself as a sniper in a dream means that you will make a bold and decisive act in reality. The dreambooks also warn about a rash act that can have negative consequences.

If you see a sniper shoot in a dream, this means that your unbridled desires can have dire consequences, Miller is sure. Did you see the red dot from the sniper rifle sight? Take a good look at the close circle; it is possible that someone from the authorized representatives is harming you.

The Birthday Dreambook associates the dream about sniper with the luck of the person. You will be incredibly lucky in the lottery or gambling. Just hurry - the smile of fortune is changeable and fleeting.

If you started a risky business in reality, then, as the Jewish dreambook says, your skill and dexterity will help overcome any difficulties. If the sniper completed his task in a dream, then the risk will be fully justified.

A sniper’s shot in the heart in your dream notifies of sudden and strong love.

    The dreambooks take into consideration the sniper’s actions in a dream:
  • If the sniper missed – you will be doing some ungrateful job that will not be estimated by management;
  • Shooter disarmed the enemy – get ready for a dangerous endeavor;
  • The sniper aiming – you will be successful, but unfortunately it will not last long;
  • Hitting the target – you will manage to complete a difficult, almost impossible task;
  • Shooting at close range – someone will try to seduce you.

A sniper rifle in a dream demonstrates the need to reject secondary matters, to show your knowledge and skills to accomplish the task. A shooter aiming at you predicts damages because of your unbridled desires.

Sergii Haranenko
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