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Bullet Dream Meaning

According to the interpretation of the dream book, a bullet seen in a dream has an almost prophetic significance. This may be a signal of the body about the onset of the disease or a warning of impending changes. To understand why such a dream is seen, additional details should be taken into account.

A flying bullet in a dream gives the sleeper reason to think about his own environment. If you are on the battlefield in night vision, you will likely find yourself in a situation the events of which will develop so rapidly that you will not be able to prevent this.

To see a flying bullet and not getting injured according to the interpretation of the dream book is a sign that you can easily cope with ill-wishers. This tiny charge symbolizes in a dream uncompromising and single-mindedness. However, excessive self-confidence can lead to serious consequences.

At the same time, Miller’s dream book claims that if a slug hit the body and pierced through it, but the dreamer did not feel pain, then in reality he will experience stormy fun and excess of vital energy.

If the bullet hit the body in a dream, then you need to remember where it got. This nuance will give a more accurate interpretation of what this dream symbolizes. If you dreamed that a splinter was sitting in your body and you were bleeding heavily, this means you will need help and support from others in reality.

If you are shot in the back in a dream, you should be ready for betrayal or unexpected difficulty in a matter that seemed ideal.

In general, it’s pretty easy to understand what a bullet dream is about. The main thing is to know the basic interpretation of this subject. The dream interpretation decodes it as a symbol of change, news, illness, random errors.

In this regard, it is not surprising that the dream book interprets the bullet that directly hits the heart as problems in the love sphere, and the wound in the chest as a sign of future emotional worries.

At the same time, a direct shot in the forehead is interpreted by the dream book in two ways. On the one hand, this can mean a serious illness, on the other, news that will literally hit you on the spot.

Such dreams are often seen before any illness or injury, and the dream will tell what part of the body will be affected. If you dreamed that the bullet was stuck in the stomach, then the dreamer might expect problems with internal organs, a shot in the back – predicts exacerbating of old sciatica, etc.

Your life circumstances will also help you figure out what the dream is about. So the bullet in the head is interpreted by the dream book as a thought that has long been haunting you. If in a dream you see a wound in your forehead, then you should wait for painful news or even a blow.

If you dreamed that you were shot in the stomach in the area of the liver, this means a certain person does not allow you to live in peace. If on the eve of a hike, vacation or trip, a bullet was seen in your leg, then probably this event will fail or not be very successful for some reason.

When interpreting such a dream, it is necessary to take into account the opinion of Freud's dream book. Intimate subtext will help you find out exactly what the bullet in a dream is about.

For example, Freud interprets a shot in the head as difficulties in a relationship. If in a dream you got a bullet in the back, then in reality the disappointment in your loved one will probably follow, associated with the sexual side of life.

If a bullet was seen in the neck of another person, this means someone treats the dreamer with very great sympathy. If the sleeping man has numerous injuries in the head and body, then he will experience a soul pain of unprecedented strength. If a wound in your leg appears you in night visions, then perhaps this will happen in reality.

But this does not mean that in the morning a lot of problems will fall on you. Indeed, such visions are only a warning. Dream Interpretation recommends caution, observing the regime, eating right and everything will be fine.

Sergii Haranenko

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