Sperm Dream Meaning

Dreams are a reflection of our secret desires, and sometimes fears. What does it mean when you dream about sperm? For a woman, dreams with sperm have several meanings. If you are dreaming of seminal fluid, then you can expect: unexpected enrichment; excellent health; possible pregnancy; romance with a handsome man. So, wait - your life will soon change for the better.

During adolescence, pictures of sperm begin to appear in a dream of a young man. This is due to the fact that his body is changing, and this is difficult to accept. But for an adult man, a dream about sperm is a sign that he is completely healthy and he has something to be proud of.

If the sperm in your dream vision is black, green or some other wrong color, and it smells bad, this dream means you are afraid of your own imperfection. Do not worry, no one is perfect, but you can strive for the best version of yourself.

For a woman, such a dream is a sign that she is afraid of sexually transmitted diseases. It makes sense to temporarily restrict sex without commitment and, even, change the circle of friends.

Also, you should consult a doctor, because such a dream is a sign of malfunctioning of the body.

The interpretation of this dream depends on your marital status. For a married person, a dream with lots of sperm portends happiness in family life. Peace and complete mutual understanding will reign between spouses. Of course, like everyone else, you will have quarrels, but very small ones.

For bachelors, such a vision is a harbinger of a stormy vacation or a weekend. They will be filled with unforgettable events and love adventures.

Do you remember your actions with sperm in a dream? Swallowing sperm in a dream predicts a new relationship. Moreover, it will be emotional and romantic. And soon, you will think about the wedding. And not in vain! This is your man.

If you smear your seminal fluid on the objects surrounding you or your own body, this dream means you are trying to get to know the world and yourself. You study your abilities and capabilities. Do not stop - knowledge is never superfluous.

Pouring and watching semen in a dream is a sign of new discoveries. You are positive about the world, but you are quite critical about it. Perhaps you doubt your decisions, so you try to find confirmation in science. You are doing everything right. Indeed, thanks to doubts, many errors can be avoided.

What does it means if you take sperm for tests in a dream? After such a vision, you will have to take responsibility for other people. Perhaps your subordinates made a mistake or the children did something - it is up to you to be responsible for everything.

If a woman smears sperm on her face, this means she is unhappy with her appearance. But you should not worry about this - it's all unnecessary worries.

For a man, a dream in which he comes up on the face of his woman means that he is used to a dominant role. You should begin to take into account the opinions of others, otherwise life will prepare a number of tests for you.

Sperm on the body (and especially on the stomach) is a sign that a fruitful period awaits you. All your plans are being implemented, and new ideas will appear non-stop. Also, such a dream may mean that your potential is not fully revealed. You should work more on yourself.

What it means if you had sperm in your mouth in a dream? For a woman, such a vision means that she is not happy with her partner and is looking for a reason to leave.

For men, to see a dream where sperm is in his mouth is a sign that he is worried about possible sexual impotence. Do not worry, your libido will not fail you if you do not think about it badly. And if something doesn’t go according to the plan, the partner will not blame you for this.

If the sperm was on your clothes in a dream, this means you will have to go through several awkward situations soon. Your pride will come under attack, and you will feel shame for a long time. If you do not allow carelessness and arrogance in your actions, then an unpleasant moment can be avoided.

If you dreamed about sperm on the floor, beware of enemies - they decided to make you the object of discussion and ridicule. Moreover, they will expose your personal life, and your relatives will come under attack.

According to Miller, to see sperm on a sheet in a dream predicts the announcement and revealing of your love affairs. If a woman is frightened by the look of seminal fluid, then she is not ready for a relationship with the opposite sex.

Seeing the sperm fertilize the egg is a sign that you are ready to procreate. A man who has such a dream has great potential. Life will give you trials, but you will easily cope with them. For a woman, a dream where her beloved man comes foreshadows a coming pregnancy.

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According to Nostradamus, if you saw a dream about sperm, this means all your desires will come true. Even if previously it seemed that this is impossible.

According to Erotic dreambook, excretion of sperm is a symbol of the fact that you are considering new plans that will come true very soon. If you can not liberate from seminal fluid, then in reality you are looking for a way out of a difficult situation. But it is unlikely that you will succeed - try to come to terms with the current state of things.

According to Grishina’s dreambook, the dream where you see ejaculation reminds you of pending affairs. It is high time to fulfill them.

The English dreambook thinks that you lack physical intimacy with the opposite sex. Try to find a partner for bed games.

If ejaculation is slow, this means your enemies have something bad in mind. Be careful.

If the act occurred in a crowded place, then you will be able to implement what you have long dreamed of. And no enemies can stop you.

Does seminal fluid pour in large quantities in your dream? This is a sign that you should talk with your beloved one about your worries. She will understand you.

The semen that remains on the bed is a harbinger of trouble. For men, such a dream is a warning about a competitor in love affairs. And for a woman - possible problems due to a fleeting romance.

If in night vision you donate sperm for in vitro fertilization, this means that in life you are afraid to be left without an heir. You can not worry, this fear has no reason.

Islamic dreambooks consider that if you dream about sperm, this means you have a lot of power. Use it correctly.

Sergii Haranenko
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