Ovum Dream Meaning

An ovum seen in a dream promises changes in personal life, many dream books say. But there are also interpreters who think a little differently. Interpreting what the “female egg” is about, they are sure that it is a symbol of shyness and indecision. Which of the predictors is right can be told by the main details of dreams and their minor nuances.

What is the interpretation of the ova seen in a dream according to Miller? Once, one woman asked Gustav Miller to decipher her dream, the plot of which was as follows: she dreamed that she was observing how the process of fertilization of her eggs, not just one, but several at once, was happening in her body. Moreover, this woman saw in a dream nascent embryos.

Mr. Miller gave this interpretation of a dream: fertilized eggs symbolize the beginning of a new phase of life, the start of which has been delayed for a long time. Moreover, it should be noted that this period will be associated with creativity and with children at the same time. That is, we can assume that this literally means the following: you need to take care of the education of your children.

According to the Eastern Dream Book, to see in a dream how a female egg matures and leaves the ovary means that very soon a person who can change the reality of the dreamer will enter her life. What does it mean? You will meet your love, the dream book explains.

Why are you dreaming that you hold an ovum in the palm of your hand? According to the interpretation of the Gypsy dream book, this indicates the imminent pregnancy in real life. This is especially true for women who have long been waiting for this event.

If you dreamed of an unusual sight, almost cartoon-like, how an egg “runs away” from spermatozoa? Such a phantasmagoria prophesies an obsessive boyfriend, interpreters explain.

But here is how dream interpretation explains fertilization of the egg and conceiving: if in a dream this happens in the female body, then such a vision will mean the fulfillment of hopes for prosperity.

If you dreamed that it was you who “conceived” life in vitro with your own hands, this could symbolize your shyness, finding a way out of the “cocoon” only in a dream. Remember, indecision is the first step to oblivion, dream books warn.

In an attempt to find out what the zygote is dreaming about, it is worth deciding on the little things. Namely: whether the embryo was visible in it and how large it was.

So, for example, if you see a tiny dot-embryo, then this suggests that you still have a long time to wait for the fulfillment of your desires. But if you dreamed that the egg had already turned into a fetus, then you should expect enchanting success - no matter what you start, everything will bring you income.

    There are a couple of details that you should pay attention to, explaining what the egg symbolizes in dreams. Remember who it belonged to besides the human. For instance:
  • bird - means the successful launch of a new idea;
  • predator - you should beware of competitors;
  • reptiles - you will gain a reputation as a “business shark";
  • fish - if you want success you should act.
Sergii Haranenko
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