Stretchers Dream Meaning

What does a dream about gurney mean? If you dream about being carried on a stretcher, it may represent your feelings of being helpless or dependent on others. This could relate to a situation in your waking life where you feel like you need support or assistance.

Dreaming of a stretcher being used to carry someone else could suggest that you are concerned about the health or well-being of someone close to you. Alternatively, it could represent your own desire to help or rescue someone who is in a difficult situation.

A gurney in a dream can also symbolize the need for a change or transition in your life. If you dream of being placed on a stretcher and taken somewhere, it may indicate that you are ready to move on from a certain phase or situation and start a new chapter.

It is very significant for a dream book when a dead person lies on a stretcher in a dream. In this case, the dream symbol may be associated with real death. It also portends an inheritance.

According to some interpreters, a dream about stretchers can also express that the dreamer's hopes and wishes will not come true. The dream symbol stretcher indicates that one must bury his plans.

From the psychological point of view, seeing a stretcher in a dream is a clear indication of mental exhaustion. If in a dream a person sees himself lying on a stretcher, the dream indicates stress and excessive demands. Man craves passivity and care. The subconscious makes it clear in a dream about the need, at least for a while, to refuse responsibility for one's own life.

According to the psychological analysis of dreams, a stretcher as a symbol can also indicate a cry for help. The dreamer wants to be saved. If there is no one on the stretcher, the dream may reflect the dreamer's inner emptiness, maybe emptiness in the relationship.

Carrying someone on a stretcher in a dream means being ready to take responsibility in a spiritual sense.

The stretcher is also a symbol of the salvation or redemption of lost souls in this world.

Construction stretchers portend that money will not bring you happiness. Carrying a heavy load on them means you will find yourself in an extremely unpleasant situation.

Leaky stretcher means that being cunning you will achieve what you want. Repairing stretchers - evil and treacherous people from your environment take advantage of you.

Sergii Haranenko
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