Universe Dream Meaning

What does it mean if you see dreams about the universe? Seeing a world in a dream predicts interesting life changes. Besides that, such an image in a dream promises bright impressions and receiving valuable information.

Seeing the world of the dead in a dream is a sign of chagrin.

A dream about a ghost’s world warns about unforeseen expenses.

Some dreambooks consider dreams about the universe a sign of sexual dissatisfaction.

Going to another world through a portal in a dream promises a new talent.

The dream in which the other world was created portends an improvement in well-being.

    What kind of world did you dream about?
  • virtual world - a fun pastime;
  • aquatic world seen in a dream - travel;
  • magical world - engaging in an active sport;
  • the other world - the need to improve qualifications;
  • spiritual world - a calm period in life;
  • mysterious world - the appearance of a mystery;
  • afterlife world - a serious illness;
  • another world - gossip from friends;
  • world inside out - disappointment in a loved one;
  • the real world - financial stability;
  • new world - career growth;
  • world upside down - stagnation in business;
  • underground world - bad mood;
  • netherworld - sadness;
  • lost world - a break in relations with a partner;
  • dark world - symbolizes depression.
    What was happening in your dream about the world?
  • The world is changing - means doing hard work;
  • The world turns over - making an important decision;
  • The world collapses - the bankruptcy of the business;
  • Creating the world - committing a good deed;
  • Saving the world - means changes in personal life.
    What are the Top-5 bad dreams about the universe?
  • The world of spirits in dreams predicts the appearance of an ill-wisher.
  • The world of darkness - means an exacerbation of a chronic disease.
  • Illusions’ world - predicts the betrayal by a friend.
  • Conquering a foreign world - means minor troubles.
  • Ruling a world - predicts a sudden dismissal.
    What are the Top-5 good universe dream meanings?
  • The fairy-tale world in dreams promises creative success.
  • Ancient world - predicts the emergence of new hobbies.
  • Dream of the world surrounding you - means an invitation to a date.
  • If you dreamed that the world was empty, this means improving the standard of living.
  • The world split in two - the end of the period of failures.

According to Miller's dream book, such a dream is a symbol of the need to devote more time to your loved ones.

    Additional interpretations by Miller:
  • the magical world means winning the competition;
  • underwater world - promises adventure;
  • unrealistic universe - means participating in a financial scam;
  • if you dreamed that the world turned upside down, this promises pregnancy (for women).

According to Freud's dream book, a dream of the universe warns of catching a cold.

    Other interpretations by Freud:
  • the world of the dead warns of the loss of a valuable thing;
  • the world of the past - means causeless fear;
  • the world of the future - promises replenishment in the family;
  • if you dreamed that you saved the world, this is good luck in all endeavors (for men);
  • destroying the universe - predicts a reprimand from the boss.
Sergii Haranenko
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