Parallel World Dream Meaning

What does a dream about a parallel universe mean? Dreaming of a parallel world promises bright impressions. Besides that, this dream predicts professional and personal life changes.

What are the Top-5 bad dreams about parallel universe?

  • Getting into a parallel world in dreams means you will need to do someone else's work.
  • Getting stuck in it - predicts a period of loneliness.
  • Dying in a parallel world - the death of a family member.
  • If you dreamed that there was a war going on in a parallel world, this is a warning of a household trauma.
  • A natural disaster has occurred in a parallel universe - an unpleasant incident.

What are the Top-5 good parallel world dream meanings?

  • A beautiful parallel world in a dream speaks of happiness.
  • Mystical parallel world - mutual love.
  • Traveling in a parallel world - the emergence of new hobbies.
  • Living in it - good health and mood.
  • Meeting yourself in parallel world - increased self-esteem.

According to Miller's dream book, a dream about parallel universe predicts the emergence of new prospects.

    Additional interpretations by Miller:
  • being in a parallel world in a dream means committing a frivolous act;
  • exploring it - means disappointment in the profession;
  • trying to return home from a parallel universe – improving the financial situation;
  • a parallel world with people - an exciting adventure;
  • a parallel world with magical creatures - receiving good news.

According to Freud's dream book, such a dream symbolizes uncertainty about the future.

    Other interpretations by Freud:
  • a scary parallel world in dreams means trouble;
  • a beautiful otherworld - means an interesting conversation;
  • deserted parallel universe - the betrayal of a friend;
  • if you dreamed that another world was similar to ours, this means restoring your reputation;
  • the parallel world is different - receiving a profitable offer.

As for Vanga's dream book, it states that parallel world in a dream promises an unexpected meeting.

    Additional interpretations by Vanga:
  • creating a parallel world means the need to keep someone else's secret;
  • destroying a parallel world - means vain insults to loved ones;
  • conquering a parallel universe - means getting rid of the enemy;
  • to die in a parallel world - means catching a cold (for women);
  • falling in love in otherworld - promises family happiness.
Sergii Haranenko
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