Future Dream Meaning

What does dreaming about future mean? Dreams about future usually predict successful completion of a difficult endeavor or indicate the chance to avoid danger. Besides that, such a dream is a reflection of unjustified fears.

The future may appear in your dreams because of the need to make an important decision.

    What were you doing in a dream?
  • looking into the future - good news;
  • showing the future - popularity;
  • getting to know your future - the respect of colleagues.

What are the Top-5 bad dreams about the future?

  • The near future seen in dreams speaks of self-doubt.
  • Far future - is a sign of dismissal.
  • The future of your family members may mean conflicts with them.
  • Strangers’ future - symbolizes danger.
  • Dream about the future of your country - a period of loneliness.

What are the Top-5 good future dream meanings?

  • A happy future in a dream predicts a trip abroad.
  • Seeing a dream about sad future - means the visit of long-awaited guests.
  • Fantastic future - means traveling.
  • Returning from the future - committing a bold act.
  • Drawing the future - an invitation to a solemn event.

A dream about moving to 2022 - means disrupting of plans; being in the distant future - means a joyful event.

The portal to the future in a dream warns of being in an awkward situation.

When the child dreams of his future adult life, this is a happy sign.

Being in the future with your husband in a dream may reflect your sexual satisfaction.

The future and unfamiliar planets seen in a dream means improving your professional reputation.

A dream in which you found yourself in the future and saw a paranormal phenomenon promises the appearance of an additional source of income.

Being in the future with a friend who had an accident - means the emergence of a new hobby.

A dream about a possible future portends a nervous breakdown.

The future, in which there was only your loved one, may speak of increasing efficiency.

A dream in which you are in the future and communicate with a creature called God promises spiritual growth.

A dream in which the future is shown in the sky portends a victory over the enemy.

According to Miller, such a dream promises a change for the better.

    Additional meanings by Miller:
  • for a young man seeing that he is in the future - indicates the need to do work for others;
  • person speaks with himself in it - means relocation;
  • moving into the future with the help of a time machine - career growth;
  • traveling through the mirror - means minor chores.

According to Freud's dream book, seeing the future a dream portends various problems.

According to Vanga, such a dream is a symbol of deterioration in reputation.

    Additional interpretations by Vanga:
  • getting into the future may mean vain expectations;
  • talking about the past in the future - revealing someone else's secret;
  • meeting yourself in the future - great surprise.
Sergii Haranenko
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