White Mouse Dream Meaning

Domestic rodents even in a dream cause a lot of worries and a sense of disgust. However, unlike the interpretation of the dream book about gray mice, white mouse dreams predicts joy and the successful overcoming of life obstacles.

According to Miller’s dream book, to see a lot of white mice in a dream speaks about the pretense of imaginary friends, the breakdown of family relations and stagnation in business. In the Noble dreambook of Grishina there is a radically opposite interpretation of the dream. So, many snow-white rodents promise joy, happiness and a successful combination of circumstances.

The dreambook of Vanga associates small white mouse dreams with the inevitable rise in price of products. It's time to stockpile and refrain from frivolous cash spending.

The white bat in a dream is interpreted in two ways by dream books. On the one hand, it is a favorable sign that predicts the fulfillment of plans and cherished desires, on the other hand, it indicates your “blindness” in working moments and relationships with others.

The dream about black and white mouse symbolizes the receipt of news that will have an extraordinary meaning. Perhaps the people who you think are threatening you are actually harmless and friendly.

A dead white mouse in a dream is a harbinger of changes in personal life. To see a dead rodent in food - predicts family quarrels; if it was in the water - quick tears; in a mousetrap - the opportunity to recognize the enemy, hiding under the guise of a comrade.

Dreaming of scurrying white mouse, according to the dream book, is a warning about the insidiousness and hypocrisy of someone close whom you consider your old friend.

To dream that a snow-white decorative mouse gave birth to a mousey – is a symbol of good news, bringing joy. Two mice fighting each other personify discord in family relations or an unforeseen fight with an enemy.

If a woman sees a little mouse on her dress, this plot portends a scandal in which she will play a major role. To find a white mouse in the house - predicts a surprise bordering on disappointment.

Aggressively minded pet involves a quarrel with a friend, which can develop into open hostility and confrontation.

If you dreamed that a decorative white mouse bit you - get ready for a difficult confrontation with an insidious enemy. If it bites the dreamer, being in his arms, it means that soon he will have to quickly recover from the disappointment and stab in the back caused by the former friend.

The dream interpretation explains the dream in which a cat catches a snow-white rodent with a good profit. If in reality a dreaming cat belongs to a sleeping person, this means that in the near future the enemies will not bother you with their intrigues.

Sergii Haranenko
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