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Interpretation of a dream about bat

The bats live in caves and can see in complete darkness that is why bats in dreams may symbolize your fear for the unknown. You should better trust your intuition and have a look inside your mind. Modern dreambooks consider that dreams about bats promise a trip. The Chinese consider bats a symbol of long and happy life. American Indians think of bats as a sign of good intuition and revival. Usually after such dreams people feel recovery of life strength. A dream about sleeping bats is not a very good symbol. If you saw bats looking into your window it can mean that the representatives of other world may be present in your life. A dead bat predicts some illness and you should take care of your immune system.

Some dreambooks consider bats a symbol of sorrow or bad news. If you watched the flight of the bat and felt it was stalking you in a dream it means you have fear for the world around you. As strange as it sounds if you saw a dream where you married a bat you can be expecting marrying the best woman ever in real life. A white bat is a very negative sign of a serious illness. See a bat flying in a room can predict a rapid leaving. In general dreams with bats advise you not be too trusty and take a better look at people around you, some of them may be manipulating you.

If a bat bites you in a dream it is a negative symbol that will bring bad news, losing job, illness or finding out about betrayal. This dream is warning about coming troubles. An attack of your arm - troubles at work; a bite in the head - problems in the family; neck bite means you can be attacked by criminals;a bite in the face means you will have difficulties in relations. Catching a bat is a positive sign meaning you will overcome some situation, maybe with the help of others.