Signs and omens about Ladybug.

Remember, in childhood, when a ladybug sat on us, we let her go and sang the words from a kid song “Ladybug, fly away to the sky, your kids are eating candies there”? It turns out that quite a lot of different superstitions are associated with ladybird, so today we decided to discuss signs about a ladybug, both good and not so good. You will find out what a meeting with this insect means, depending on its coloring, why it sits on the human body, and what news it brings when it appears inside the house.

What does it mean if you just noticed a lady-bird?

Ladybugs are insects we do not meet so often, do we? Encounters with spiders, bees and other insects are much more common. So, if you see this flying beauty, pay attention to its color.

    Signs and superstitions about ladybugs report the following:
  • The yellow ladybug brings happiness, good luck, and change for the better with it;
  • A ladybird colored black with red dots portends success in work and home affairs;
  • If the ladybird’s spots are white - expect good news;
  • If there are only two spots, you will be able to make the right decision in a difficult situation;
  • If there are no spots on the body of the ladybug at all - for young girls this is a sign of coming replenishment in the family.

If you happened to see a large number of ladybugs at once, you can say "invasion" of insects – this means your family will be large and friendly. For a person engaged in agriculture, a meeting with such a horde is a sign of a rich harvest. If you see that a lonely ladybug is entangled in the web, you must definitely save it; otherwise the luck that it brought you will never reach the addressee.

Superstitions about ladybug sitting on you

What does the sign "ladybug sat on your body" mean? Let's figure it out. The interpretation of this sign depends on the part of the body that the insect has chosen.

If the ladybug sat on your hand - this is definitely a good omen. If it chose the right hand - your cherished desire will soon come true; if it chose the left hand – your well-being will be improved, you will recover from illness. Also, a ladybug on your hand is a sign that encourages you to tell fortunes. You need to mentally ask a question that worries you (preferably implying a yes-no answer), and then lightly blow under the wings of a spotted insect and look at its behavior. If the guest immediately rises into the air and flies away - the answer is “yes”, but if it did not pay attention to your manipulations and continued to walk through your body, the plan will not come true or will come true in the distant future, with a significant delay.

Single people can simply count till 22 in their minds, when the insect sat on their hand - it is believed that the insect remaining until the end of the count promises a coming meeting with the soul mate, and the insect that flew away earlier means that for some time a person will still have to stay without a couple.

If the ladybird has landed on your head, this is a good omen for professional activity. Expect career growth, promotion, resolution of important issues in your favor. The main thing is not to be afraid of the winged guest and not to shake it off immediately - let it sit for a while. If a ladybug is tangled in your hair, it is a sign of money, increased authority, respect in the team, changes for the better in work affairs.

If you found an insect right on your face - do not be alarmed, this is a favorable sign. This behavior of a ladybug promises you happy love, pleasant pastime with your loved one, and emotional fulfillment.

    There are other signs about ladybugs, depending on which part of the body the insect has landed on:
  • ladybug on your shoulder - do not pay attention, this is a neutral sign;
  • ladybird on your back - resolving of a difficult situation for the better;
  • ladybug on your leg - good luck and happiness will come to you, but not right now, but a little later;
  • seeing a ladybug on your chest - your life will be happy;
  • lady-bird on your clothes - expect a pleasant surprise from a loved one.

Ladybug bite

Did you know that ladybugs can bite? If such an incident happened to you, consider this as a warning that there is an ill-wisher in your environment who will try to harm you somehow. However, sometimes spotted insects bite simply because they do not like the smell of a particular person.

Ladybug inside the house

    There are a number of signs about ladybugs in the house. Here they are:
  • For childless couples - predicts the birth of a child
  • For families with children - strong, friendly relations between family members
  • If you have lost something, it will be found soon
  • If a lady-bird sat on the bed of a married couple - this means a happy, harmonious marriage; on the bed of a child - the baby will grow up strong, self-confident, strong in health
  • In the house of an unmarried girl, a ladybug is a sign of marriage, which will take place very soon.
  • The ladybug arrived in the spring - means success in material matters; in the summer - expect good news at work; in the fall - predicts the birth of a child; in winter - a wedding in the house. But meeting a ladybug on an autumn and winter day is a rarity.

It is absolutely forbidden to kill a ladybug: a dead insect will take all your luck with it.

Sergii Haranenko

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